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Kia’s Car Care Carnival: Free Washes, Discounts, and a Side of Blood Donations

New Delhi, 25th June 2024: Hold onto your steering wheels, Kia owners! Kia India is turning its service centers into festive fun zones with a nationwide ownership service camp from June 27 to July 3, 2024. This isn’t just any car check-up—it’s a week-long celebration where your car gets pampered, and you get to play hero!

Forget your standard oil changes and tire rotations. At this camp, every Kia customer is treated to a luxurious 36-point health check for their vehicle. Think of it as a full-body spa day for your car, with experts examining every nook and cranny—from the engine bay to the underbody, and even a thorough road test. And just like a day at the spa, your car gets an AC disinfectant treatment and a car wash to boot.

But wait, there’s more! Discounts galore await: 20% off car care services, 10% off Road Side Assistance plans (because who doesn’t love a good deal on a rescue?), and 5% off accessories to jazz up your ride.

Kia’s Chief Sales Officer, Myung-sik Sohn, shared his excitement, “We want our customers to feel like rock stars driving in their perfectly maintained Kias. This camp is our way of saying thank you, and who knows, maybe your car will thank you too by driving smoother.”

In addition to car pampering, Kia is rolling out the red carpet for CSR activities. Fancy donating blood or getting your eyes checked while your car is being tended to? Now you can! Kia’s service camps aren’t just about vehicle maintenance—they’re about community well-being and creating a bond stronger than your car’s axle.

Interactive discussions will cover everything from Kia’s cutting-edge tech to top-secret driving tips. Ever wondered how to keep your car running like a dream? Kia’s got you covered. Plus, there’s a free used car evaluation service and an exchange program if you’re considering a trade-in.

So, clear your calendars and gear up for Kia’s Car Care Carnival. It’s more than a service camp—it’s a car-tastic event that blends maintenance with merriment, discounts with do-gooding, and vehicles with volunteerism. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to keep your Kia in top shape and give back to the community!

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