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Runwal & Audi Mumbai West Unveil Second Edition of Audi Quattro Drive

Mumbai, June 22-23, 2024 – In a groundbreaking initiative, Runwal, one of Mumbai’s leading luxury real estate developers, has partnered with Audi Mumbai West to launch the second edition of the Audi Quattro Drive. This unique two-day event will be held at Runwal’s prestigious property, 25 Hour Life, in Thane, marking a pioneering customer engagement venture by a real estate developer.

The Audi Quattro Drive event offers auto enthusiasts a rare chance to test drive various Audi models in off-road conditions. Building on the remarkable success of last year’s inaugural event, Runwal reaffirms its commitment to providing a holistic luxury living experience. This initiative underscores the brand’s vision of integrating luxury housing with exclusive lifestyle experiences.

Set in the expansive Runwal 25 Hours Life, a true urban oasis in Thane, the event will utilize the property’s 21 acres of land and 4.5 acres of open space, featuring towering 50-storey buildings. Prospective homebuyers will not only get a glimpse of their future homes but also enjoy thrilling off-road drives in the heart of Mumbai. This dual experience allows potential buyers to appreciate the project’s vast scope and Runwal’s dedication to luxury.

Rima Kirtikar, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Runwal, commented, “At Runwal, our buyers are our top priority. We are dedicated to offering extraordinary experiences to our esteemed customers. Both Audi and Runwal are synonymous with quality and luxury, and this event allows us to be a part of our customers’ lives, creating unforgettable experiences.”

Hitesh Mulani, Vice President of Audi Mumbai West, added, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Audi Experience X Quattro Drive in collaboration with Runwal. This event not only highlights the dynamic features of our Audi Q range but also provides enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to experience the versatility and robustness of our vehicles in challenging off-road conditions.”

Runwal aims to introduce more experiential initiatives for their customers, consistently aligning with the theme of elevated living.

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