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Volkswagen’s New Electric Juggernaut: Tiguan Plugs into the Future with a Massage!

Volkswagen is shaking up the streets and soothing backs simultaneously with its latest marvel, the Tiguan! Kicking off its European tour this weekend, the Tiguan isn’t just any SUV; it’s a rolling spa and power station in one. With a starting price of 48,655 euros, the long-range plug-in hybrid is electrifying wallets and roads alike.

The new Tiguan eHybrid boasts an impressive electric range of about 120 km, perfect for city slickers. But don’t fret, long-distance drivers; with a combined range of over 900 km, you’re set for the long haul. And for those who like to start small, the eTSI mild hybrid has your name on it, starting at a mere 36,600 euros.

Luxury hasn’t been skimped on either. Fancy a back rub while driving? The Tiguan’s ergoActive seats come with a massage function! And for those dark and twisty roads, the IQ.Light HD matrix headlights will light the way.

The Tiguan, Volkswagen’s crown jewel with over half a million units produced annually, is now available in various flavors. The eHybrid models, with a redesigned plug-in system, deliver power ranging from 201 HP to a robust 268 HP. Thanks to a beefed-up 19.7 kWh battery, the electric range has nearly doubled from its predecessor.

The Tiguan’s interior is a tech-lover’s dream. Featuring a new digital cockpit and the IDA voice assistant powered by ChatGPT’s AI, it’s like having a know-it-all co-pilot. Parking’s a breeze too, with the latest Park Assist systems and smartphone-controlled remote parking.

Standard features in the Tiguan are anything but standard. From a 12.9-inch infotainment system to the Car2X warning system and even roof rails, it’s loaded. Prices start at a reasonable 36,600 euros (INR 32.90 lakh) for the eTSI variant, while the top-of-the-line Tiguan TDI 4Motion, a towing titan with a capacity of 2,300 kg, starts from 49,055 euros (INR 44.10 lakh).

So, if you’re looking to drive into the future with a massage and a full battery, Volkswagen’s Tiguan is waiting for you!

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