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Alpine Introduces the A290: A New Era of Electric Hot Hatches

Alpine has officially launched the A290, marking the brand’s entry into the electric sports car market while staying true to its core values: performance, agility, and lightweight design. This new model represents the beginning of Alpine’s 100% electric Dream Garage, with a GT C-Crossover and the new A110 set to follow the A290.

The A290 brings the driving sensations of the beloved A110 into an urban sportscar format. Staying true to Alpine’s DNA, it offers high performance with everyday usability. The A290 features an Ampere-derived electric platform and energy services for optimized home recharging, including Mobilize Power and bi-directional V2G recharging, creating a complete electric ecosystem.

Designed to embrace the electric age, the A290 features cutting-edge design, first-class technical specifications, ultra-complete connectivity, and numerous personalization options. It aims to attract a new range of customers, appealing to both performance enthusiasts and those who value style. Assembled in Douai within ElectriCity, the A290’s electric motor is built in the Megafactory in Cléon, and the battery production is slated to begin in France in summer 2025.

CEO Philippe Krief remarked, “Our Alpine A290 is the first model of a new electric generation, inaugurating our Dream Garage in the finest possible way. This urban sportscar marks the introduction of Alpine to a broader public and resurrects a forgotten category, the hot hatch, so much loved for the driving pleasure it delivers.”

The A290’s compact dimensions (length 3,990 mm, width 1,820 mm, height 1,520 mm, wheelbase 2,530 mm) are designed for urban agility, with proportions giving it a muscular hot hatch appearance. Its lighting signature, featuring four headlamps with X-shaped motifs, adds a distinctive character, reminiscent of rally cars.

Inside, the A290 offers a sport-oriented cockpit with a Deep Blue tone. The driver-focused interior includes adjustable ambient lighting, a 10.1-inch central screen angled towards the driver, and physical air-conditioning controls for distraction-free adjustments. The exclusive three-spoke sports steering wheel, covered in Nappa leather, includes Formula 1-inspired aluminium buttons for various controls.

Roberto Bonetto, VP of Alpine Engineering, commented, “In this first Alpine of a new era, electric propulsion enhances sportiness without compromising everyday comfort.”

The AmpR Small platform optimizes weight distribution and lowers the center of gravity, contributing to the A290’s rigidity and interior space. The electric motor, available in two power levels (180 hp and 220 hp), offers a 0-100 km/h time of 6.4 seconds with up to 300 Nm of torque.

The A290 features advanced torque management for optimal traction and a 52 kWh battery offering a WLTP range of up to 380 km. It supports fast-charging, recovering up to 150 km of range in 15 minutes, and includes bi-directional functions for V2L and V2G capabilities.

The range includes the GT and GTS versions, with the GT offering a 180 hp engine and features like 19-inch alloy wheels, adaptive cruise control, and a comprehensive infotainment package. The GT Premium adds comfort features like a Nappa leather interior and a premium audio system, while the GT Performance focuses on performance with a 220 hp engine and special Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires. The GTS version combines the best features of the GT models with exclusive touches.

The Alpine A290 is designed to deliver the best of both worlds: the thrilling performance of a hot hatch and the practicality needed for everyday driving.

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