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Classic Fiat 500 Holds Its Value Exceptionally Well in India

Pune, India – In a surprising turn for the automotive market, the iconic Fiat 500 has proven to be an exceptionally good investment for car enthusiasts and collectors in India. A 2009 model of the Fiat 500 is currently on sale for INR 12.49 lakh, showcasing a mere INR 2.36 lakh depreciation over its 15-year tenure since its launch.

Launched in 2008 with an initial ex-showroom price of INR 14.85 lakh, this particular model features a 1.3-litre, inline-4 cylinder, 75 BHP Multijet Diesel engine, paired with a manual transmission. Despite its age, the car has been driven only 38,000 km and is currently owned by its second owner. Located in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, the vehicle stands out with its well-maintained condition, equipped with extra fittings such as 17-inch alloys, customised bumpers, one-touch down/up windows, a moonroof, power windows, automatic temperature control AC, front dual airbag, dual seat airbags, speed control, and a telescoping steering wheel.

The seller has indicated that the price is slightly negotiable, hinting at the potential for a good deal. This durability in value can be attributed to the Fiat 500’s numerous accolades, including over 40 major awards like the “Car of the Year” in 2007 by the British magazine Car, and the title of the “World’s Most Beautiful Automobile.”

Produced in Tychy, Poland, and Toluca, Mexico, the Fiat 500 has been marketed in more than 100 countries, marking Fiat’s return to the North American market after a 27-year hiatus. The model reached significant milestones with the production of its millionth unit in 2012, two millionth in 2017, and the 2.5-millionth in March 2021 in Tychy, Poland, underscoring its global appeal and enduring legacy.

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