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Massive Discounts on Hyundai Grand i10 Nios, Aura, Venue, and i20 Send Shoppers into a Frenzy

In an unprecedented move that’s causing car shoppers to double-take and triple-check, Hyundai has rolled out a series of eye-popping deals on some of its most popular models: the Grand i10 Nios, Aura, Venue, and i20. It seems like Hyundai’s marketing team decided to have a field day, offering total benefits that might just make customers wonder if they’re seeing extra zeros by mistake!

Leading the pack, the Grand i10 Nios is practically throwing benefits at buyers, with a whopping total of INR 43,000. This includes cash benefits of up to INR 30,000, an exchange bonus of INR 10,000, and a corporate bonus of INR 3,000. Hyundai seems to be asking, “Why drive a car when you can drive a bargain?”

Not far behind, the Aura is glowing with offers, presenting total benefits up to INR 33,000. This includes a cash benefit up to INR 20,000, matched with the same exchange and corporate bonuses as the Grand i10 Nios. It’s almost like Hyundai is saying, “Aura you ready for this?”

The Venue, not wanting to be left out of the fun, comes with benefits up to INR 30,000, including cash benefits and an exchange bonus. Hyundai’s message seems to be, “Venue wanted a deal? Here it is!”

Last but not least, the i20 zooms in with total benefits of up to INR 25,000. This includes cash benefits and an exchange bonus, making it seem like Hyundai’s asking, “i20 think of a reason not to buy this car?”

But wait, there’s more! These models aren’t just coming with price benefits. They’re also packed with a 3-year/1 lakh km warranty coverage, options for up to 7 years extended warranty, a running repair package for up to 5 years, and a maintenance package that also lasts up to 5 years. It’s like Hyundai is throwing a car care party and everyone’s invited!

In a market where deals on wheels are always sought after, Hyundai’s latest offers are making a splash that’s hard to ignore. Whether it’s the easy approach or the serious savings, Hyundai’s message is loud and clear: “We’re not just selling cars; we’re selling smiles!”

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