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Sany India Handles a Grand Export, Ships Over 1,000 Mighty Telehandlers to U.S.

On January 18, 2024, Sany India, a titan in the construction equipment arena, broke more than just ground; it shattered records with the colossal export of over 1,000 Telehandlers to the United States. This achievement has not only positioned India as a central figure in Sany’s global strategy but also as a manufacturing maestro on the international stage.

In a spirited response to the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, this historic export serves as a strategic leap towards entwining India’s manufacturing prowess with global market demands. Sany India’s export extravaganza underscores their unwavering commitment to global customer satisfaction.

The narrative takes a twist as Sany India, renowned for its commitment to quality and efficiency, boasts a Telehandler manufacturing unit with the capacity to churn out 3,000 units annually, with an option to rev up to 4,500 units. This puts Sany India in the driver’s seat, ready to steer towards current and future global demands.

Deepak Garg, the Managing Director of Sany and South Asia, in a statement that melds pride with promise, remarked, “This export milestone is a hearty nod to Sany India’s allegiance to the ‘Make in India’ vision. Shipping our products to the US doesn’t just put a feather in our cap; it’s a glimpse into our grand global aspirations. Armed with robust manufacturing prowess, a seamless supply chain, and a relentless pursuit of quality, we’re revving up for an era of growth and innovation, reinforcing our pole position in the global construction equipment race.”

A crucial cog in the success story of Sany India’s Telehandlers is their establishment of a robust ecosystem, ensuring all parts, from engines to axles, are top-notch. This strategy is not just about quality; it’s about having a hoot while ensuring reliability and streamlining production, lessening reliance on external suppliers and emphasizing self-reliance with a chuckle.

Sany India, embodying the ethos of “one Sany Global Quality,” adheres to the company’s universal quality assurance benchmarks. This approach ensures that customers across the globe receive machinery that not only meets but jests with the same high standards of quality, durability, and performance, regardless of where it’s made. This export is not just a transaction; it’s a transcontinental tickler, signifying Sany India’s hilarious yet serious commitment to being a leader in the global construction equipment industry.

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