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Drive Home a Hyundai Verna with Savings Galore: Unwrap Benefits Worth INR 35,000 Plus Exclusive Perks

In a move that has car enthusiasts and potential buyers buzzing with excitement, Hyundai has rolled out a sensational offer on its popular sedan, the Hyundai Verna. Prospective buyers can now enjoy an array of benefits totaling an impressive INR 35,000, comprising cash benefits up to INR 15,000 and an exchange bonus of INR 20,000, making the dream of owning a Verna more accessible than ever.

But the savings don’t stop there. Hyundai is determined to go the extra mile by including a suite of additional perks designed to enhance the ownership experience. Every new Verna will come with a 3-year/unlimited kilometer warranty, providing peace of mind to its owners. For those who choose a petrol variant, Hyundai ups the ante with an offer of up to 7 years extended warranty, showcasing their confidence in the Verna’s performance and reliability.

The benefits package also includes 3 years of roadside assistance, ensuring help is always at hand should you find yourself in an unexpected situation while on the road. Moreover, Hyundai has introduced up to 5 years running repair package and up to 5 years maintenance package, aimed at ensuring your Verna stays in peak condition with minimal hassle.

In an effort to support eco-friendly initiatives, Hyundai is offering an additional INR 5,000 scrappage bonus for customers who decide to scrap their existing car. This initiative not only promotes environmental consciousness but also provides a financial incentive for customers to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model.

The bouquet of benefits extends to include special considerations for government or corporate employees, ensuring that a wider audience can take advantage of this limited-time offer. Whether it’s the cash discount, exchange bonus, or the exclusive employee benefits, there’s something for every Hyundai enthusiast to look forward to.

With this comprehensive benefits package, Hyundai aims to reinforce its commitment to customer satisfaction and solidify the Verna’s position as a favored choice among sedan buyers. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to make a Hyundai Verna yours, equipped with all the perks to ensure a delightful and worry-free driving experience.

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