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Green Wheels for a Greener Future: Fisker Unveils ‘Journey of Hope’ Car for Jane Goodall Institute’s Rainforest Raffle

MUNICH/LONDON, March 14, 2024 – In a fusion of eco-conscious engineering and philanthropy, Fisker Inc. has rolled out the green carpet for the Jane Goodall Institute UK, presenting a bespoke Fisker Ocean model dubbed “Journey of Hope.” This one-of-a-kind electric vehicle, crafted to embody the spirit of the rainforest with its lush exterior and wildlife-adorned scuff plates, is set to be the star of an upcoming charity auction.

Celebrating Dr. Jane Goodall’s 90th birthday in London, the event saw the handover of this sustainably designed marvel, mirroring the Institute’s mission to foster community-centered conservation and climate action. The “Journey of Hope” features an exterior that whispers the deep greens of the rainforest and door scuff plates crafted from 70% recycled aluminum, engraved with images of wildlife, signaling a stride towards better environmental stewardship.

Dr. Jane Goodall shared her gratitude, emphasizing that hope, much like the symbolic name of the car, demands action rather than passive wishes. “This special version of the Fisker Ocean represents our shared commitment to a hopeful, sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants,” she remarked.

Henrik Fisker, the visionary behind Fisker Inc., expressed his honor in supporting the Jane Goodall Institute with the “Journey of Hope.” “It’s a privilege to contribute to such a noble cause, aligning perfectly with our vision of a clean future for all,” said Fisker. He looks forward to the auction, eager to see who will drive away with this emblem of hope and commitment to conservation.

The Jane Goodall Institute UK is renowned for its pioneering research and conservation efforts, from the wild chimpanzees of Gombe National Park to community-led initiatives across Africa. Its Roots & Shoots program empowers young people worldwide to partake in projects benefiting communities, animals, and the environment. As a beacon of sustainable mobility, the Fisker Ocean sets a new benchmark with its recycled materials, carbon-neutral manufacturing, and impressive range, further amplifying the message of conservation and sustainable living.

In a world thirsting for positive change, the “Journey of Hope” Fisker Ocean stands as a testament to the power of collaborative innovation and the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, greener future.

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