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Larte Design Introduces Exclusive Wide Body Kit for BMW XM & Label Red

Larte Design has unveiled an exclusive wide body kit for the 2022-2024 BMW XM G09, including its limited Label Red edition. This new kit brings a dynamic and sculpted aesthetic to BMW’s flagship SUV in the X series, enhancing its sporty and aggressive character. Only 500 units of the limited series will be available, making this an exceptionally rare offering for enthusiasts and collectors.

The custom-designed carbon fiber hood accentuates the power of the BMW XM’s 4.4L V8 engine. In combination with an electric motor, this setup delivers a staggering 653 horsepower, and an even more impressive 748 horsepower in the Label Red version. A standout feature is the carbon fiber diffuser with unique hexagonal exhaust pipes and additional brake lights, adding to the vehicle’s luxurious and exclusive feel.

Designed with precision, the kit incorporates all factory radars and sensors, ensuring full functionality. The front lip of the kit underscores the BMW XM’s impressive road dynamics, with the Label Red edition capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

The kit includes dual spoilers, carbon fiber fender accessories, and eye-catching side skirts. Its six-part wheel arch extensions add a sporty flair and subtly increase the vehicle’s dimensions. Each component is handcrafted by master craftsmen at Larte Design’s production facility.

Customers can personalize their BMW XM G09 with various materials and colors, including 100% carbon fiber and premium composite materials, with finishes ranging from glossy to matte, and even BMW individual colors.

The kit is available for global delivery via trusted carriers such as DHL and FedEx, and can be installed at partner service centers or a chosen body shop. To complete the customization, Larte Design also offers bespoke 23-inch forged wheels.

Included in the kit are a full hood, grille trim, front bumper overlay and inserts, mirror cups, fender arches, dual spoilers, side sills pads, door moldings, rear bumper elements, a diffuser, twin muffler tips, additional brake lights, and custom 23-inch rims, presenting a comprehensive solution for BMW XM G09 owners seeking exclusivity and style.

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