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Bugatti Bolide: Braking Bad with Brembo’s Biggest Brakes

In a stunning display of automotive prowess, the Bugatti Bolide has redefined track driving, fusing the power of its iconic W16 engine with revolutionary lightweight technology. Yet, the real show-stopper is its groundbreaking brake system, the largest carbon-carbon setup ever conceived by brake maestro Brembo.

The quest to equip the Bolide with unparalleled brakes led Bugatti to Brembo, the Italian giants known for peak performance braking systems. This collaboration embarked on an engineering odyssey, blending Brembo’s racing pedigree with Bugatti’s relentless pursuit of excellence. After two years of rigorous testing and development, the result is a carbon-carbon braking system, echoing the high standards of LMh/LMDh and Formula 1 tech.

The Bolide’s braking power is nothing short of extraordinary. Its front brake assembly, the largest of its kind, features dual eight-piston monobloc calipers, each armed with four high-performance pads and massive 390×37.5 mm carbon discs. These calipers, crafted from aluminum alloy and nickel-coated for durability, epitomize engineering finesse.

Mirroring this setup, the rear brakes boast two six-piston monobloc calipers, slightly thinner at 24.5 mm, but no less impressive. Complemented by 390×34 mm carbon discs, the rear system’s specs align with the LMDh racing class, showcasing Bugatti’s commitment to unmatched track performance.

Mario Almondo, COO of Brembo Performance, expressed pride in their unique challenge, having reengineered the entire system to match the Bolide’s formidable power. The front caliper, a masterpiece in itself, is Brembo’s largest ever for a racing car. Utilizing Formula 1 grade carbon compounds, the Bolide’s brakes achieve an optimal balance between size, power, and weight.

The Bolide’s brake system stands as a testament to holistic engineering. Every component, from master cylinders to bespoke fluid, is fine-tuned to enhance the car’s dynamics. Even the brake air ducts were a joint effort, with Brembo engineers shaping airflow to maximize cooling efficiency.

The partnership’s success is evident in the cooling system’s strategic design, crucial for managing the immense energy and torque from the Bugatti W16 engine. Remarkably, up to 90% of airflow is directed towards the discs and pads, ensuring optimal performance during intense track sessions.

The development journey, initiated in 2022, saw comprehensive testing from CFD simulations to dynamometer sessions and real-world track analysis. This process allowed for fine-tuning and ensured the Bolide’s capability to handle diverse weather conditions, including a specialized ‘Wet’ mode for slick surfaces.

In summary, the Bolide, a hyper sports car embodying Bugatti’s racing heritage, boasts a brake system that transcends the norms. Emilio Scervo, CTO of Bugatti Rimac, proudly acknowledges this achievement, marking it as another milestone in Bugatti’s storied legacy. With Brembo’s innovative technology, the Bolide’s brakes are not just functional; they’re a masterpiece, elevating the vehicle to new heights of performance and safety.

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