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Final Ovation for Lamborghini’s V10 Maestro: Huracán STJ Takes a Breathtaking Bow

In an exhilarating farewell that echoes through the corridors of automotive excellence, Automobili Lamborghini has unveiled the Huracán STJ, a magnum opus limited to an exclusive ensemble of ten units. This grand finale pays homage to the legendary V10 engine, a hallmark of Lamborghini’s engineering prowess, marking the end of an era for the iconic super sports car.

Rooted deeply in the annals of Sant’Agata Bolognese’s storied history, the V10 engine has been the beating heart of the Huracán family since its inception in 2014. The Huracán STJ, or Super Trofeo Jota, emerges as the zenith of Lamborghini’s V10 symphony, melding unparalleled performance with a design ethos inspired by the Huracán STO. This swansong edition not only salutes the Lamborghini one-make championship but also nods to the historic Jota lineage, embodying the pinnacle of track readiness and aerodynamic finesse.

The Huracán STJ introduces an aerodynamic masterpiece, crowned with the innovative “cofango” and enhanced rear wing angles, promising a leap in performance and an assertive stance on the track. Boasting a 640 CV powerhouse paired with a Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (LDF) 7-speed gearbox and rear-wheel drive, the STJ is a testament to Lamborghini’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

The introduction of adjustable racing-derived shock absorbers marks a significant leap in mechanical grip, offering an unprecedented level of dynamic control and steering precision. Coupled with Bridgestone Potenza Race tires, the STJ showcases an improvement of over a second on the Nardò Technical Center Handling Track compared to its progenitor, the Huracán STO.

In true Lamborghini fashion, the Huracán STJ dazzles with two distinct aesthetic configurations, designed by the esteemed Centro Stile. From the striking Grigio Telesto and Blu Eliadi bodyworks to the meticulously crafted interiors, every element of the STJ exudes luxury, sportiness, and exclusivity. Each unit, adorned with a special numbered carbon fiber plate, marks a unique chapter in Lamborghini’s V10 saga, offering an opportunity for customization that reflects the owner’s individuality.

As the curtain falls on Lamborghini’s V10 era, the Huracán STJ stands as a breathtaking tribute to the legacy of power, innovation, and design. This limited edition not only commemorates the past but also sets the stage for the future, heralding the arrival of an all-new super sports car era at Lamborghini, one that promises hybrid innovation without compromising the thrill that defines the marque.

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