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BMW Elevates Security with Specialized Training for Armored Vehicle Drivers

Munich, Germany – BMW has launched an advanced security vehicle training program, aimed at equipping professional drivers with the skills necessary to handle special protection vehicles under extreme conditions. This initiative is part of BMW’s broader effort to merge their hallmark driving experience with unmatched safety, offering a holistic security solution.

For over 40 years, BMW has been a pioneer in crafting vehicles that provide both luxury and unparalleled protection. The introduction of the BMW Security Vehicle Training courses marks a significant step in ensuring that drivers can fully leverage these vehicles’ capabilities. The training is particularly designed for those behind the wheels of BMW’s specialized fleet, which includes the all-electric BMW i7 Protection, BMW 7 Series Protection, and the BMW X5 Protection VR6.

Set against the backdrop of Groß Dölln near Berlin, a former military airfield now converted into a modern driving center, the BMW Security Vehicle Training offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical driving exercises. These exercises include crash manoeuvres and the use of pyrotechnics to simulate real-life threat scenarios, ensuring drivers are well-prepared for any emergency.

The program is divided into two stages: a basic course focusing on fundamental driving techniques pertinent to armored vehicles, and an advanced course that delves deeper into handling extreme situations. These include evasive manoeuvres under fire and driving with vehicle contact, among others. Pyrotechnic effects and crash scenarios are also part of the curriculum to test and enhance the participants’ mental resilience and control under pressure.

The training fleet showcases BMW’s commitment to safety and luxury, featuring models equipped with an integrated protection concept. This includes the BMW 7 Series Protection and the all-electric BMW i7 Protection, both meeting the VR9 resistance class according to VPAM, the highest for civilian special protection vehicles. The BMW X5 Protection VR6, known for its discreet yet sporty appearance, complements this lineup, ensuring a wide range of secure mobility options.

BMW’s specialized training and vehicle offerings underscore the brand’s dedication to providing a safe, sophisticated driving experience. By combining state-of-the-art protection technologies with comprehensive driver training, BMW sets a new standard in automotive security and performance.

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