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Revolutionizing the Road: The All-New MG3 Hybrid+ Hatchback Debuts in Europe

The automotive landscape is set to be transformed with the global unveiling of the all-new MG3, a cutting-edge hybrid B-segment hatchback that expertly merges performance, efficiency, and elegance. Infused with MG’s iconic ‘fun-to-drive’ ethos, this state-of-the-art hybrid marks a new era in the hatchback sector.

Stepping out of its UK exclusivity, the MG3 Hybrid+ now graces the European market, featuring three unique specifications, all powered by the innovative Hybrid+ powertrain. This advanced system, with its enlarged battery and enhanced electric motor, sets the MG3 apart in its category.

The MG3 excels in combining spacious interiors with its compact size, a key attribute behind its UK success, especially among urban drivers. It competes with the best in its class in terms of interior equipment and space, offering practicality and efficiency. Adding to its allure is MG’s famed seven-year/150,000 km warranty.

Aiden He, CEO of MG Nordic & Benelux, commends the MG3 for its potential to dominate its class, attributing this to its mix of efficiency and performance courtesy of the Hybrid+ system. He emphasizes the vehicle’s refinement, premium interior features, and MG Pilot safety systems, all of which contribute to its strong market position.

The MG3 introduces MG’s first-ever non-plug-in hybrid system, blending a 75kW 1.5-litre petrol engine with a 100kW electric motor. This combination delivers a robust 0-100km/h acceleration in just 8.0 seconds and equally impressive highway speed performance. It also achieves excellent fuel economy of 4.4l/100km and CO2 emissions of 100g/km, thanks to its 1.83kWh battery that significantly extends its electric-only range.

The car’s Hybrid+ system is versatile, offering various modes like EV, Series, Series and Charge, Drive and Charge, and Parallel. This flexibility ensures an adaptable driving experience to suit different conditions.

In terms of handling and comfort, the MG3 strikes a perfect balance. Collaborative efforts by engineers in Europe and China have fine-tuned its chassis and suspension, ensuring agility and comfort while staying true to MG’s ‘fun-to-drive’ principle.

Technologically, the MG3 stands out in its segment, available in Standard, Comfort, and Luxury trims. It features a state-of-the-art dual-screen cockpit and advanced connectivity options, including MG iSMART. Safety is also a top priority, with a comprehensive suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Design-wise, the MG3 has been completely reimagined. It is now longer and wider, offering more interior space and the largest boot in its class. Styling options include seven color schemes and modern LED headlights, designed by MG’s Shanghai studio.

In essence, the all-new MG3 Hybrid+ is more than just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of innovation, delivering an exhilarating driving experience, unparalleled efficiency, and a host of sophisticated features. As it makes its way across Europe, it’s set to revolutionize the hatchback segment.


 MG3 Hybrid+
Engine1.5-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder petrol 
Engine power (kW)75 (max)
Engine torque (Nm)128 (max)
Electric motor power (kW)100 (max)
Electric motor torque (Nm)250 (max)
Combined output – power (kW)143 (max)
TransmissionThree-speed automatic
Battery capacity1.83kWh – 350V
Driven wheelsFront
Max speed (km/h)170
0-100km/h (seconds)8.0 
80-120km/h (seconds)5.0 
CO2 (g/km)100
Fuel economy (l/100km)4.4
Height (mm)1,502
Length (mm)4,113
Width (mm)1,797
Wheelbase (mm)2,570
Kerb weight (kg)1,285
Boot capacity (litres)293
No. of seats5
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