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Maruti Suzuki Achieves Impressive Sales Milestone in June 2024

New Delhi, July 1, 2024 – Maruti Suzuki India Limited, the country’s leading automobile manufacturer, has reported a significant achievement in its sales performance for June 2024. The company sold an impressive total of 179,228 units during the month, showcasing its robust market presence and consumer preference.

Domestic Market Dominance

A substantial portion of these sales came from the domestic market, where Maruti Suzuki sold 139,918 units. This figure underscores the brand’s continued dominance in the Indian automotive sector. The company’s diverse portfolio, ranging from compact cars to SUVs, has evidently struck a chord with Indian consumers, ensuring Maruti Suzuki remains a top choice in the highly competitive market.

OEM Collaborations

In addition to its strong domestic sales, Maruti Suzuki also made notable strides in its collaborations with other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The company sold 8,277 units to various OEMs, reinforcing its strategic partnerships and expanding its reach within the industry. These collaborations highlight Maruti Suzuki’s versatile manufacturing capabilities and its role as a key player in the automotive supply chain.

Export Success

Maruti Suzuki’s global footprint continues to grow, as evidenced by its export figures. The company exported 31,033 units in June 2024, reflecting its commitment to catering to international markets. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the current global economic challenges and supply chain disruptions. The steady demand for Maruti Suzuki vehicles abroad demonstrates the brand’s reliability and appeal on a worldwide scale.

Strategic Initiatives and Future Outlook

The impressive sales figures for June 2024 can be attributed to several strategic initiatives undertaken by Maruti Suzuki. The company has been focusing on innovation, customer-centric approaches, and expanding its product lineup to meet diverse consumer needs. Moreover, Maruti Suzuki’s efforts in enhancing its production efficiency and maintaining stringent quality standards have paid off, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality vehicles.

Looking ahead, Maruti Suzuki aims to further strengthen its market position by introducing new models and incorporating advanced technologies into its vehicles. The company is also keen on exploring opportunities in the electric vehicle segment, aligning with the global shift towards sustainable mobility solutions.

Maruti Suzuki’s remarkable sales performance in June 2024 is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As the automotive industry evolves, Maruti Suzuki remains poised to adapt and thrive, continuing to set benchmarks and drive innovation. With its strong foundation and forward-looking strategies, the company is well-positioned to maintain its leadership in the Indian market and beyond.

The sales figures for June 2024 

Category: Sub-segmentModelsJuneApril-June
20242023FY 2024-25FY 2023-24
A: MiniAlto, S-Presso9,39514,05430,81640,400
A: CompactBaleno, Celerio, Dzire, Ignis, Swift, WagonR64,04964,471189,208210,825
Mini + Compact Segment73,44478,525220,024251,225
A: Mid-SizeCiaz5721,7442,1693,753
Total A: Passenger Cars74,01680,269222,193254,978
B: Utility VehiclesBrezza, Ertiga, Fronx, Grand Vitara, Invicto, Jimny, XL652,37343,404163,130126,401
C: VansEeco10,7719,35433,79132,676
Total Domestic Passenger Vehicle Sales (PV)137,160133,027419,114414,055
Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV)Super Carry2,7582,9927,9468,079
Total Domestic Sales including LCV (PV+LCV)139,918136,019427,060422,134
Sales to other OEM8,2773,62924,24812,678
Total Domestic Sales (PV+LCV+OEM)148,195139,648451,308434,812
Total Export Sales31,03319,77070,56063,218
Total Sales (Total Domestic + Export)179,228159,418521,868498,030
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