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Hyundai India Makes a Splash Without Water: 650 Million Litres Saved Through Dry Wash Dazzle

Gurugram, March 22, 2024 – In an innovative twist on car cleanliness, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is making waves without using a single drop of water. Embracing a ‘Dry Wash’ initiative across its sprawling service network, Hyundai is polishing off the competition and the grime with its water-saving wizardry. Over the past five years, this eco-friendly effort has conserved more than 650 million litres of water, equivalent to quenching the thirst of over 4.8 million people for a day*.

As cars across India shine without the shower, Hyundai’s Dry Wash option has serviced over 5.5 million vehicles, proving that a clean car doesn’t have to come at the cost of precious water resources. Introduced in 2017, this drought-defying decision swaps the suds for sustainability, showcasing Hyundai’s commitment to a cleaner, greener planet.

Tarun Garg, COO of Hyundai Motor India, beams with pride over the initiative’s success, stating, “Our journey towards ‘Progress for Humanity’ continues as we steer towards a more sustainable future. The overwhelming response to our Dry Wash service has saved a vast ocean of water, underscoring our commitment to environmental stewardship and our vision for a water-secure world.”

But it’s not just about skipping the rinse cycle. Hyundai Motor India is driving forward with a range of eco-friendly initiatives, including waterborne paint systems, paperless offices, LED lighting, solar power, and rainwater harvesting, ensuring that their green footprint extends well beyond the garage.

With over 1,500 workshops across the nation, Hyundai is not just leading the charge in water conservation but also in customer satisfaction. Offering a 360° digital and contactless service experience, Hyundai ensures that owning a car is as convenient as it is environmentally conscious. Thanks to initiatives like online booking, vehicle status updates, and the Hyundai Chatbot, the road to a more sustainable future looks cleaner and brighter than ever.

As Hyundai continues to polish its environmental credentials, the Dry Wash initiative stands as a shining example of how innovative thinking can lead to significant environmental impacts, all while keeping the wheels of progress turning.

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