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Honda’s Indian Marvel Elevates to Japanese Shores as WR-V in Export Extravaganza

New Delhi Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Honda’s Global Hop with a Desi Twist

Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL), India’s beacon of premium automotive craftsmanship, marked a zesty milestone on March 22, 2024. The Indian streets have witnessed the birth of a new global voyager, the Honda Elevate, which set sails to conquer the Land of the Rising Sun, rechristened as the WR-V.

In an unprecedented leap, Honda has chosen its Indian arm to spearhead an audacious endeavor, exporting the Made-in-India Elevate to Japan. This venture not only showcases India’s burgeoning clout in the global automotive arena but also stamps HCIL’s passport as a pivotal export hub in Honda’s international tapestry.

The air at HCIL was thick with pride as Takuya Tsumura, the maestro behind Honda Cars India, orchestrated the celebrations. “Today, we don’t just export a car; we export a promise of quality and a testament to Indian craftsmanship,” Tsumura beamed. The All-New Honda Elevate, or WR-V as it is now known in Japan, is not just a vehicle but a harbinger of success, having charmed the Indian market with its unparalleled blend of design, comfort, and safety.

Since its global premiere in India back in September, the Elevate has been nothing short of a blockbuster, with over 30,000 units finding homes in just six months. Its debut on Japanese terrain in December ‘23 has mirrored this success, captivating hearts with its bold aesthetics and luxurious innards.

HCIL’s export ledger is not just limited to Japan but spans both hemispheres, including nations like Turkey, Mexico, Nepal, and South Africa. The addition of Japan to this illustrious list is a feather in HCIL’s already brimming cap, signifying a leap towards a future where Indian manufacturing and global aspirations drive in tandem on the highway of success.

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