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Dare to drive Clarkson’s “automotive abomination”? 2008 Lexus SC430 awaits at INR 15 lakh

New Delhi: Once labeled by renowned automotive critic Jeremy Clarkson as the “worst car in history,” the Lexus SC 430 continues to evoke mixed reactions. The SC 430, particularly a 2008 model currently available for sale in Delhi, has recently reignited debate over its legacy.

This specific 2008 Lexus SC 430 Convertible, a second-generation model with a Z40 codename, is up for grabs at Rs. 15 lakh. Having traveled only 46,000 kilometers, the vehicle, registered in Nagaland and parked in Delhi, boasts a single previous owner.

The origins of the Lexus SC date back to 1981 with the Japan-exclusive Toyota Soarer, based on the A60 Supra. Designed as a luxurious counterpart to the sporty Supra, the Soarer evolved through generations, paralleling Supra’s advancements. The 1991 introduction of the third-generation Soarer brought about the Lexus SC300 and SC400 variants for Western markets, erroneously raising expectations of a luxurious yet sporty drive.

The SC430, which Clarkson critiqued, deviated from the Supra lineage, focusing more on comfort as a highway grand tourer rather than a sports car. Its production ceased in 2010, making way for the Lexus LC. Despite Clarkson’s harsh words, the SC430 remains a topic of contention among car enthusiasts and owners.

An SC owner shared, “I bought a 2003 Lexus SC430, and it’s been a joy to drive and maintain. It’s unfortunate that this model, discontinued around two decades ago, suffers from neglect by many owners.”

While opinions vary, the Lexus SC’s journey from the Soarer to the SC430 presents a unique chapter in automotive history, embodying a blend of luxury, heritage, and controversy.

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