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Yokohama’s Rubber Meets the Road: Samrat Yadav Kicks Dust in Competitors’ Faces with Third-Place INRC Debut

March 21, 2024, New Delhi – In an explosive start to the Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) season, Yokohama India’s very own rally maestro, Samrat Yadav, threw the gauntlet down with a spectacular third-place finish in the INRC3 category at the 47th South India Rally. The event roared to life from March 15 to 17 at the adrenaline-pumping Madras International Circuit in Kanchipuram, a mere stone’s throw (or a rally car’s leap) of 33 kms from Chennai. Steering into the car category for the first time, the seasoned gypsy sage did not disappoint.

Behind the wheel of his beast on wheels, Yadav showcased a masterclass in precision and grit, expertly harnessing the power of Yokohama’s Advan Sport A053 tyres. Known for their rally-ripping grip and indomitable performance on gravel and dirt, these tyres with their asymmetrical tread design proved they’re not just rubber; they’re wings for the rally gods.

Gaurav Mahajan, Yokohama India’s Head of Marketing, couldn’t contain his excitement, stating, “Samrat Yadav’s podium finish isn’t just a victory lap for us; it’s a roaring testament to the unyielding quest for excellence that propels Yokohama. Our Advan Sport A053 tyres are the chariots of champions, designed to conquer the extremes of performance and endurance. This remarkable achievement not only reaffirms our commitment to motorsport and innovation but also revs up our legacy in the motoring world.”

Hosted by the Madras Motor Sports Club, the rally kicked off the 2024 INRC season with a bang, challenging drivers across 13 Special Stages and 137 kms of heart-pounding action over an overall gritty distance of about 446 kms.

The 47th edition of the South India Rally has set the bar sky-high for the season, shining the spotlight on Yokohama’s crucial role in motorsport. With superior tyre technology and unwavering support for athletes, Yokohama India continues to fuel the fiery spirit of competition and the pursuit of motorsport glory.

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