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Vauxhall’s Game-Changer: Astra and Astra Sports Tourer Go Hybrid

In a groundbreaking move, Vauxhall has unveiled the Astra Hybrid and Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid, introducing 48-volt hybrid technology to these popular models. Starting at £30,025, these innovative vehicles are set to hit the roads with their first deliveries in July.

The Astra lineup’s latest additions boast a new 1.2-litre petrol engine, enhanced for hybrid integration, delivering 136hp. This engine is coupled with a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, uniquely tailored for hybrid applications, and complemented by a 28hp electric motor. The incorporation of a lithium-ion battery, with a 0.89kWh capacity, ensures efficient energy use and recharges automatically under specific driving conditions.

The highlight of these hybrids is their impressive efficiency. They offer a significant reduction in fuel consumption—up to 19% less than their non-electrified counterparts—and notably lower CO2 emissions, making them a smart choice for the environmentally conscious driver.

In practical terms, the Astra Hybrid and Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid provide a seamless driving experience, with the petrol engine and electric motor working in tandem or independently to optimize performance and energy usage. The electric motor even allows for short, purely electric drives at low speeds, ideal for city driving.

These models don’t just excel in efficiency; they also promise enhanced performance. The hybrid system contributes to a quicker acceleration, shaving crucial seconds off the 0-62mph times compared to the equivalent petrol models.

Vauxhall has also paid special attention to the engine’s design. The new petrol engine operates on the Miller combustion cycle, enhanced by a variable geometry turbocharger and variable valve timing for improved performance at lower rpm. The integration of a belt-driven starter with the electric motor ensures a smooth and quick engine start-up.

The Astra Hybrid and Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid are available in three specifications: Design, GS, and Ultimate, each offering a range of features. The Design model sets a high standard with full LED lighting, advanced driver assistance technologies, and a 10-inch touchscreen. The GS model adds aesthetic and comfort enhancements, while the Ultimate trim tops the range with adaptive IntelliLux LED® pixel headlights and advanced driver assist technologies.

Vauxhall’s commitment to diverse powertrain options is evident with the launch of these hybrids, which join the lineup alongside fully electric, petrol, Plug-in Hybrid, and sporty GSe powertrains. With this latest development, Vauxhall continues to pave the way in automotive innovation and sustainability.

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