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Ferrari Shifts Gears: Swaps Racetracks for Sail Tracks with Giovanni Soldini at the Helm

Maranello, January 24, 2024 – Ferrari, synonymous with high-speed thrills on racetracks, is charting a new course in the world of sailing. Under the experienced hand of Team Principal Giovanni Soldini, the Prancing Horse is set to make waves in this unexpected arena.

This bold move not only marks Ferrari’s expansion beyond the asphalt but also highlights its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The Maranello-based powerhouse aims to fuse its racing heritage with cutting-edge technology, venturing from land to sea to push the limits of performance.

At the project’s core is the quest for groundbreaking sustainable solutions. This sea-bound journey will not only challenge the status quo but also fuel the evolution of Ferrari’s iconic sports cars.

John Elkann, Ferrari’s Chairman, expressed excitement about this new chapter. “We’re setting sail on a thrilling journey, extending our racing spirit to the seas. Driven by our innovative spirit and dedication to sustainability, we’re ready to break new barriers. Giovanni’s unparalleled expertise and team spirit make him an invaluable navigator for this venture.”

Giovanni Soldini shared his enthusiasm for this novel undertaking. “Joining forces with Ferrari is a dream come true. We’re diving into a project brimming with technological promise, merging diverse worlds and top-tier expertise. Leading a team dedicated to pioneering eco-friendly solutions in this unique endeavor is an extraordinary experience.”

As Ferrari prepares to ride the waves of innovation, the world eagerly anticipates the fusion of high-speed racing and sailing under the guidance of a legend like Soldini.

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