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Maserati Levante Review: An Italian Stallion on Steroids

Ah, the Maserati Levante. It’s not just an SUV; it’s a declaration of opulence, a symphony of horsepower, and a rolling testament to the fact that Italians do it better. Imagine if a luxury yacht and a race car had a baby, and you get the Levante—a vehicle that makes you feel like the king of the road, even if you’re just popping to the store for some milk.

The Origins

Launched back in 2016, the Levante has aged like a fine Italian wine. The 2024 model is still the first generation, which means Maserati got it right the first time and didn’t bother changing what was already perfect. Exclusively petrol-powered, this beast starts at a cool ₹1.85 crore ex-showroom, topping out at ₹2.90 crore for the Trofeo variant. And yes, you’re looking at the Trofeo, the crème de la crème, the big cheese of Levantes.

Built in Turin, Named in Latin

Assembled in the picturesque city of Turin, the Levante sits on Maserati’s M156 platform, shared with the Quattroporte and Ghibli. Its name, derived from the Latin word ‘levare,’ means ‘to lift,’ which is fitting because driving this car will definitely lift your spirits (and possibly your bank balance).

Under the Hood

Based on the Maserati Kubang concept, the Levante boasts a Q4 all-wheel-drive system with a rear limited-slip differential, ensuring you stick to the road like marinara on spaghetti. It comes equipped with Level 2 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), so it’s practically smarter than most of us.

World-Class Testing

Maserati didn’t just take this car around the block a few times; they tested it on five continents. So whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of Mumbai, cruising through the Alps, or just off-roading in your backyard (if you’re into that sort of thing), the Levante is up for the challenge.

Drive Modes Galore

With five drive modes—Normal, ICE, Sport, Corsa, and Off-road—this car adapts to your every whim. The launch control function will make sure you get from 0 to 100 kmph faster than you can say “Ciao Bella!”

Built Like a Tank

Aluminum is the name of the game in the chassis, body, and suspension, making the Levante both lightweight and strong. The Trofeo variant features a tuned chassis for top-notch performance and driving experience.

Iconic Design

Inspired by the Alfieri concept, the grille flaunts the Maserati trident logo. The full-LED adaptive matrix headlights, rain-sensing wipers, and boomerang-shaped LED tail lights all scream, “I’m rich, and I know it.”

Size Matters

At 5 meters long, 2.1 meters wide, and 1.7 meters high, the Levante is a behemoth. With a kerb weight of 2170 kg and 205 mm ground clearance, it’s as practical as it is posh. The 50/50 weight distribution ensures you won’t tip over, even if you take corners like a madman.

Wheels and Brakes

Sporting 21-inch Helios staggered alloy wheels, with options for 19 and 20 inches, and equipped with front 265/40 ZR 21 101Y and rear 295/35 ZR21 103Y Continental ContiSportContact tyres, this car grips the road like a bear hug. Red brake calipers add a splash of color, with options for yellow, black, and grey if you prefer your luxury with a side of subtlety.

Color Choices and Personalization

The Levante comes in a sophisticated blue, with grey, black, and white also available. Through the Fuoriserie Personalization Program, you can customize it to your heart’s content, ensuring no two Levantes are exactly alike.

Interior Bliss

Step inside, and you’re greeted by heated rear seats, a leather-wrapped heated sport steering wheel, and a dashboard that’s a tactile delight. With 60/40 split folding rear seats, a 580-liter boot space, and a 14-speaker 900-watt Harman Kardon sound system (or an optional 17-speaker 1280-watt Bowers & Wilkins system), this SUV is as practical as it is plush.

Safety First

Maserati Levante: Features with a Twist of Humor

The Levante’s suspension system is like a sophisticated ballet dancer, gracefully handling bumps and turns with the elegance of a prima ballerina. Up front, you get a double wishbone setup, which sounds fancy because it is. In the back, a multi-link suspension ensures you don’t spill your espresso.

These aren’t just any springs; they’re adjustable air springs. They make sure your ride is smoother than a gelato on a hot day. The Skyhook shock absorbers sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they’re here to keep you grounded while your head’s in the clouds.

With a drag coefficient of 0.31, the Levante cuts through the air like a knife through butter. It’s practically cheating the wind into thinking it’s not even there. It’s so aerodynamic it might just take off if you press the gas pedal hard enough.

The torque vectoring system gives the Levante the agility of a gymnast. It ensures you corner with precision, making you feel like a professional driver even if you’re just going to the grocery store.

Whether you’re tearing up the highway or pretending to be an off-road rally driver, the Maserati Stability Program keeps things in check. It’s like having a stern but loving Italian grandmother making sure you don’t get too wild.

The double laminated acoustic rear windows are so good at keeping noise out that you might forget you’re in a city. It’s like driving around in your own private concert hall, minus the annoying sound of traffic.

Engine torque control prevents wheel lock during downshifts, so you won’t end up doing unintentional donuts in the parking lot. It’s like having a co-pilot who’s always got your back.

The Levante is like a fortress on wheels, equipped with six airbags, Bosch ABS, EBD, hill hold, Hill Descent Control, Blind Spot Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, surround view camera, park assist, Anti Slip Regulation, Brake Assist System, Hydraulic Brake Assist, Rollover Mitigation, Trailer Sway Mitigation, hill start assist, Hydraulic Brake Compensation, keyless entry, and three-point seatbelts with pyrotechnic pre-tensioners and load limiters. Phew! It’s like the Swiss Army knife of safety features, ensuring you’re wrapped in a cocoon of protection.

Engine Power

Under the hood of the Maserati Levante, you’ll find an engine lineup that’s more impressive than an Italian opera. At the top of the range is the 3799 cc, V8, Ferrari F154 AQ petrol engine. This powerhouse delivers a jaw-dropping 580 horsepower and 730 Nm of torque, launching you from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.9 seconds. With a top speed of 302 kmph, you might need a pilot’s license to fully appreciate it. It’s got an average fuel economy of 6 kmpl, which basically means it’s more thirsty than you after a marathon, but with an 80-litre fuel tank, at least you won’t have to stop for a drink too often.

If that’s a bit too much horsepower for your daily commute, there are two other petrol engine options. First, there’s the 2979 cc, V6, Ferrari F160 engine, producing a modest 424 horsepower and 580 Nm of torque. This baby gets you from 0 to 100 kmph in 5.2 seconds, with a top speed of 264 kmph. It’s the sensible sibling in the Levante family, offering a slightly more reasonable 7 kmpl average.

Then, for those who prefer their power with a side of eco-friendliness, there’s the 1995 cc, inline 4-cylinder, VM Motori A630 HP engine with a mild hybrid system. This one delivers 325 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque, taking you from 0 to 100 kmph in 6 seconds flat. It’s the greenest option, with an average of 9 kmpl, which is practically sipping fuel compared to its siblings. With a top speed of 245 kmph, it’s perfect for those who want to save the planet without sacrificing too much speed.

Luxurious Amenities

From the four-zone automatic climate control AC, 12-way electrically adjustable front seats with anti-whiplash safety, to the panoramic electric sunroof, every inch of the Levante is designed for ultimate comfort and convenience.

The Maserati Levante’s interior is a sight to behold, with upholstery options that could make even the most stoic driver swoon. Picture this: rosso red natural leather that screams Italian passion. If you’re feeling a bit more subdued, there’s black and brown available, perfect for those days when you want your luxury to whisper instead of shout.

Steering this beast is like holding hands with a hydraulic god. The hydraulic steering system ensures every turn feels as smooth as butter on hot toast, giving you the kind of control that would make even a Formula 1 driver jealous.

The ZF 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission is like having an overachieving assistant who never misses a beat. This transmission shifts gears so seamlessly, you’ll start wondering if it’s actually reading your mind.

The four-zone automatic climate control AC with an air quality sensor and humidity sensor is basically the Levante’s way of saying, “I’ve got you covered.” Whether it’s Sahara-level heat or Arctic chill, this system keeps everyone inside perfectly comfortable. It’s so effective, you might start referring to it as your personal weather wizard.

An 8.4-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system is your gateway to entertainment and connectivity. Supporting the Maserati Intelligent Assistant, SD card, USB, AUX, FM, and radio, it’s like having a tech-savvy butler at your beck and call. It’s so advanced, you might start wondering if it can also whip up a perfect espresso.

A Symphony on Wheels

And did we mention the engine? Designed by Gianluca Pivetti, this engine has won multiple international awards and powers not just the Levante, but also the Maserati Quattroporte, Ghibli, and even Ferrari models like the SF90 and F8.

In conclusion, the Maserati Levante isn’t just a car; it’s an experience, a statement, and possibly the best thing to come out of Italy since pizza. So, if you have a couple of crores lying around and a desire to feel like royalty, the Levante is waiting for you. Buon viaggio!

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