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Ford Pro Unveils Hi-Tech Solutions: Now Your Fleet Vehicles Come with ‘Backseat Drivers’!

DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 25, 2024 – Ford Pro, the commercial brainchild of Ford Motor Company, is leaving fleet managers in splits of laughter with its latest expansion of software and technology features. These new innovations promise to offer fleet managers more control over their commercial vehicles than ever before, and they’re calling it the ‘Backseat Driver’ experience.

Fleet managers, already juggling a plethora of responsibilities, now have even more tools in their arsenal thanks to Ford Pro’s latest offerings. These features integrate seamlessly into the Ford Pro Intelligence platform, providing managers with a comedic level of insight into their vehicles on the road and their equipment in use.

Dave Prusinski, general manager of Ford Pro Integrated Services, humorously remarked, “Fleet managers have more on their plates than a Thanksgiving feast – managing fleets, keeping vehicles on the road, and ensuring drivers don’t turn their vehicles into clown cars. Ford Pro Intelligence, now with video telematics, gives fleet managers the illusion of having a coach in the passenger seat!”

Ford Pro Telematics with Dashcam is the real show-stealer, offering a laugh-out-loud addition to your commercial vehicle experience. The solution integrates a cloud-connected dashcam from Lytx, with two lenses for road-facing and in-cab footage. Not only does it capture potentially hilarious road incidents, but it can also be a lifesaver in case of real accidents. The outward-facing lens provides evidence that can rival any viral dashcam video, while the driver-facing lens can capture all the antics of your drivers – from surreptitious snacking to undercover texting.

Adam McCarty, Senior Vice President at Lytx, quipped, “We’re thrilled to be a part of Ford Pro’s comedy club of fleet technologies. We’re united in our commitment to helping fleets drive operational excellence and provide hours of amusement through our dashcams.”

But wait, there’s more! The Upfit Integration System (UIS) adds another layer of humor to the mix. It’s like having a practical joker on board, with features like Vehicle Motion Inhibit Control, which prevents vehicles from shifting gears while powered upfit equipment is deployed. No more unexpected crane dance parties! Sub Compartment Lock lets drivers lock and unlock compartments with a touch of a button, making it feel like you’re living in the future.

And for the grand finale, Ford Pro presents Fleet Start Inhibit. Fleet managers can now remotely disable vehicle starts, ensuring their vehicles won’t take a joyride without permission. If that’s not enough fun, the Vehicle Security app in the Ford Pro Fleet Marketplace allows you to trigger a vehicle alarm remotely. Imagine the look on a thief’s face when they try to sneak away with your vehicle, only to be met with a chorus of honks and flashing lights.

The comedic highlight of these features is the reminder that you need to activate your modem. It’s like trying to watch a sitcom on mute – you won’t get the full experience. One landscaping business in California found out the hard way when their upfitted vehicle full of specialized tools was stolen. Thanks to Ford Pro Telematics, they were able to quickly locate the vehicle and equipment, preventing a potential $200,000 comedy of errors.

So, if you’re a fleet manager looking for a good laugh while keeping an eye on your vehicles, Ford Pro has got you covered. It’s the ‘Backseat Driver’ experience you never knew you needed.

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