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Punjab Chief Wheels Out Mega Bucks for Tractors: Sonalika’s Hoshiarpur Plant Gets Rs. 1300 Crore Power Push

In a move that revs up Punjab’s industrial engine, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann shifted gears at Hoshiarpur, unveiling Sonalika Tractors’ massive Rs. 1300 crore expansion blueprint at the globe’s most gigantic integrated tractor fabrication fortress. As the countdown begins, Sonalika gears up to plant a colossal Rs 1000 crore into a spanking new tractor assembly line and throws in an additional Rs 300 crore to construct a state-of-the-art high-pressure foundry.

New Delhi, 14th March 2024: India’s tractor titan and export juggernaut, Sonalika Tractors, renowned for its leading-edge operations in Punjab, has once again hogged the global limelight with its Hoshiarpur facility – the planet’s premier tractor production powerhouse. With the foundation stones now laid for two avant-garde plants, courtesy of Bhagwant Mann, Punjab’s honcho, the wheels of progress are well and truly in motion.

Sonalika’s strategic spread into Hoshiarpur notches up a gear with the Chief Minister Mann showcasing the group’s ambitious expansion plans, heralding a new epoch in the state’s industrial saga. The exclusive tractor assembly hive, earmarked for Sonalika’s global dispatches, promises to crank up the company’s output by an extra 1 lakh tractors annually at full throttle. Moreover, the DRAS – a trailblazing High-Pressure Foundry Plant, primed to be North India’s largest casting hub, is engineered to perfection by Japanese whizzes, adhering to stringent Nipponese manufacturing edicts.

Dr. Amrit Sagar Mittal, Vice Chair at Sonalika Tractors, tipped his hat to CM Mann for his august presence, underscoring the Hoshiarpur investment as a cornerstone for further bolstering the brand’s status as the globe’s largest tractor manufacturing behemoth. The Punjab government’s seamless support, particularly its single-window setup for new ventures, has been instrumental, he added.

Akshay Sangwan, Director of Development & Commercial at Sonalika, spotlighted the heavy-duty tractor lineup’s imminent quality leap, courtesy of the new foundry’s German-engineered Kunkel Wagner high-pressure moulding line, setting the stage for superior tractor casting production.

CM Mann’s inspection of the existing tractor wizardry workshop – a site where a new tractor magically appears every 2 minutes, underscored Sonalika’s pivotal contribution to Punjab’s industrial prowess, driving home the fact that when it comes to tractors, Hoshiarpur and Sonalika are truly pushing the plow ahead.

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