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From Bavaria with Bolt: Manhart’s ‘Thor’ Kit Electrifies the BMW XM Scene

In an electrifying revelation set to shake the foundations of the SUV world, Manhart Performance, the renowned Wuppertal-based BMW specialist and luxury tuner, has thundered onto the scene with its exclusive “Thor” exterior package for the BMW XM G09. Named after the mighty Germanic god known for his formidable strength and grandeur, the “Thor” package promises to transform the BMW XM into a veritable deity of the roads.

The BMW XM, a newcomer in 2024, has already sparked intense discussions among car enthusiasts. With its hybrid power offering up to 748PS, this SUV is gunning for the top spot against rivals like the Cayenne Turbo GT, GLS 63 AMG, and Audi RSQ8. Its design, as polarizing as it is prominent, sets the stage for Manhart’s intervention.

Manhart’s “Thor” kit, crafted from high-quality full carbon, is not just an addition but a transformation. Offering components in both regular and forged carbon, the kit’s crown jewel is a hood reminiscent of the McLaren Senna, featuring central power dome hints and an extended strut that demands attention.

But the makeover doesn’t stop there. The front of the XM gets a significant upgrade with a new radiator grille frame, air intakes, and a front spoiler that adds a muscular, dynamic look. Side views are enhanced by over two-meter-long carbon side skirts, and the rear benefits from an expansive roof spoiler, a lip for the trunk lid, and a carbon panel that ties together the imposing aesthetic.

For those concerned about legality, Manhart ensures that all parts, save for the hood, will be approvable by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) by the end of spring, with parts certificates for hassle-free modification.

With the first production slots already snapped up by regular customers, Manhart has opened pre-orders to the public, complete with attractive discounts. With prices starting around €36,000 (INR 32.17 lakh) for the regular carbon variant and €40,000 (INR 35.75 lakh) for the forged variant, before discounts, the “Thor” kit is an investment in both performance and prestige.

Scheduled for first deliveries in May, the “Thor” package is not just a purchase but a proclamation. With its eye-catching design and unparalleled quality, the Manhart XM is set to become not just a vehicle, but a legend on wheels. As the Wuppertal team puts the final touches on this ambitious project, the automotive world waits with bated breath for the first thunderous roar of a “Thor”-equipped BMW XM.

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