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Citroën Goes Turbo in India: Aims for 400% Network Nitro Boost by Year’s End

Chennai, March 14, 2024 – In an audacious display of automotive ambition, Citroën, the venerated vehicle virtuoso from France, is revving up its presence in India with a Network Expansion Program that’s set to leave competitors eating its dust. By the end of 2024, Citroën plans to skid into 200 sales and service spots across the nation, marking a colossal 400% leap in its network footprint.

Leaving no stone unturned, the expansion will span over 140 markets throughout India, including the urban sprawls, the bustling semi-urban areas, and the tranquil rural locales. From a current tally of 58, Citroën’s strategic maneuver is poised to amplify its local touchpoints, ensuring that the Citroën brand experience is never more than a stone’s throw away for the Indian consumer.

In a move that’s as bold as it is strategic, Citroën is shifting gears to not only navigate through the well-trodden paths of Tier I and II cities but also to cruise into the heart of Tier III and IV markets. Shishir Mishra, the Brand Director of Citroën India, shared his vision of capturing the emerging consumer base in these areas, stating, “We’re not just expanding; we’re embracing every corner of India to showcase the unique charm and advanced engineering of Citroën to everyone, everywhere.”

The expansion drive is fueled by an additional INR 2,000 Crores investment from Stellantis, signaling a robust vote of confidence in Citroën’s Indian odyssey. As Citroën gears up to weave its way deeper into the Indian market fabric, the brand is all set to accelerate its journey towards transforming mobility and making its mark as a household name, one touchpoint at a time.

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