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Renault Unveils ‘Symbioz’: A Compact SUV With a Name as Unique as Your Family

In a move that blends the essence of harmony, technology, and environmental friendliness, Renault has taken a leap into the future with the announcement of its latest compact family SUV, the Renault Symbioz. This vehicle is not just a mode of transport; it’s a testament to the bond between a vehicle and its passengers, much like the mutualistic relationship found in nature. The name ‘Symbioz’ is inspired by ‘symbiosis’, a concept that signifies living together in mutual benefit, echoing Renault’s vision of a car that integrates seamlessly into the lives of its users.

Sylvia dos Santos, the brain behind the Symbioz name and Head of Naming Strategy at Renault Global Marketing, delves into the philosophy behind this choice. She explains that Symbioz reflects the vehicle’s design to enhance the life of a family, offering a space that is not just about travel but about creating and sharing moments together. With its roots in ancient Greek, ‘symbiosis’ perfectly encapsulates the vehicle’s ethos of unity and collective experience, traits that are deeply embedded in Renault’s DNA.

The Symbioz is more than its name; it’s a peek into the future of family travel. Slated for a grand reveal in spring 2024, this SUV promises to be the most compact yet spacious vehicle in Renault’s C segment, boasting a length of 4.41 meters. It’s designed with cutting-edge technology, including a new-generation coverless Solarbay opacifying panoramic sunroof and the E-Tech full hybrid 145 horsepower engine. These features ensure driving pleasure while promoting fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

This vehicle is not only a step forward in automotive design but also a nod to Renault’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The Symbioz model joins a diverse range of vehicles in Renault’s lineup, all aimed at catering to various customer needs, whether for private use or business purposes. With electric and hybrid models like the Mégane, Scénic, Austral, and Arkana, Renault continues to push the boundaries of the C-segment in Europe, offering choices that blend style, technology, and eco-consciousness.

The Renault Symbioz represents the culmination of years of research and development, building on the legacy of the concept car introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017. It symbolizes a future where technology enhances human connections, making every journey an opportunity for shared joy and discovery. Renault’s vision of “cars for living” takes a tangible form in the Symbioz, inviting families to embark on a journey where togetherness is at the heart of every mile.

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