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Brabus Unleashes the 930 Hybrid Supercar, Bolting from 0-100 Faster Than You Can Say ‘Wow’

In an electrifying fusion of opulence and oomph, the new Brabus 930 hybrid supercar has rolled onto the scene, leaving onlookers in a whirlwind of awe and envy. Crafted with the finesse only Brabus can muster, this luxury sedan, based on the Mercedes-AMG S 63 E Performance, not only looks like a million bucks but almost costs it too, with a price tag of 405,000 euros (INR 3.67 crore).

Under the hood—or more aptly, within its heart—lies a powerhouse Brabus V8 twin-turbo internal combustion engine paired with a zesty electric motor. This dynamic duo churns out a staggering 930 horsepower and 1,510 Nm of torque, propelling the Brabus 930 from zero to hero (or 100 km/h, to be precise) in just 3.2 seconds.

But it’s not all about speed. This supercar is dressed to impress, flaunting its exclusive Brabus Monoblock ZM wheels and a sleek, exposed-carbon aerodynamic body that could make even the most stoic of car enthusiasts weak at the knees. And if that wasn’t enough to steal your heart, the Brabus Masterpiece interior—featuring the crème de la crème of leathers, sporty carbon elements, and a Dinamica headliner—certainly will.

As for performance, the Brabus 930 doesn’t just walk the walk; it talks the torque. With extensive modifications and rigorous testing under its belt, this supercar delivers an exhilarating ride, tightly hugged by all-wheel drive and capped at a breezy 290 km/h (180 mph) top speed. Accompanied by the sonorous symphony of its Brabus sports exhaust system, it offers an auditory experience as refined as its driving dynamics.

Brabus doesn’t just build cars; they craft legends, and the Brabus 930 hybrid supercar is no exception. With its “1-Second-Wow” motto manifesting through every pore of its carbon fiber body, this car is not just a mode of transportation—it’s a statement. A statement that says, “I have arrived,” and quite rapidly, at that.

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