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Gadkari Rolls Out the Roads: A Rs. 2500 Crore Bonanza to Jazz Up Jharkhand’s Journeys

In a dazzling display of digital dynamism, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, fired up his webcam to lay the virtual foundation stone for a pair of swanky National Highway projects in Khunti, Jharkhand. The move, worth a cool Rs. 2500 crore, is set to turbocharge the state’s travel tapestry, injecting a hefty dose of modern infrastructure muscle into its veins.

Amidst an online cavalcade of distinguished guests, including Union Minister Arjun Munda, the venerable Kariya Munda, and Sudarshan Bhagat, Member of Parliament, Gadkari’s virtual hammer chimed in yesterday, signaling the green light for the development dreams of Jharkhand to shift into high gear.

The twin titans of the tarmac to be conjured include a swish 4-laning of the Tupudana to Kundiabartoli stretch (Khunti bypass included for free) and a robust revamping of the Bero to Khunti section. The latter promises to unclog the traffic arteries of the region, while the former aims to sling local produce into the market with unprecedented ease, potentially turbocharging the local economy and social fabric in one fell swoop.

Gadkari, in his online oratory, envisioned these projects as catalysts for cutting commute times, slashing fuel consumption, and giving pollution the boot. “These aren’t just roads; they’re ribbons of revival,” he quipped, highlighting the anticipated boom in economic activity, job creation, and entrepreneurial elan these projects are poised to pave.

So, as Jharkhand braces for its infrastructural facelift, the message is clear: buckle up for smoother, cleaner, and snazzier journeys ahead, courtesy of Gadkari’s grand roadway gala!

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