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Gadkari Unleashes Cash Tsunami on Roads: Goa and Assam to Swim in Infrastructure Riches

In a move that has infrastructure enthusiasts and road trip lovers doing the tarmac tango, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has turned the financial faucet all the way up, unleashing a whopping Rs. 766.42 crore wave of funds aimed at buffing up Goa’s asphalt assets.

Taking to the social media stage, Gadkari revealed plans that would make any pothole weep with envy. For starters, a hefty Rs. 455.50 crore is being poured into the construction of a 4-lane flyover that promises to elevate travelers from MES College Junction straight to cloud nine, or more accurately, Bogmalo Junction, along a 3.35 Km stretch on NH-566. But wait, there’s more—a 4-lane Vehicular Underpass at Queeny Nagar Junction is on the blueprint, ready to duck under the chaos for 1.22 Km, all under the watchful eyes of the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) mode within the National Highways (Original) framework.

Not one to let the northern shores hog all the limelight, Gadkari has also earmarked Rs. 310.92 crore for a scenic detour around Cuncolim. This bypass, stretching a serene 8.33 Km on NH-66, is not just a road—it’s a promise of swift passage through South Goa, whisking travelers from Uskini-bandh Cuncolim to Bendordem with the grace of a coastal breeze. Envisioned under the Annual Plan 2023-24, this project aims to stitch the fabric of the Mumbai to Kanyakumari Economic Corridor tighter, offering a panoramic escape from traffic snarls and the humdrum of daily grind.

But Gadkari’s generosity knows no bounds, or state lines, for that matter. Turning his gaze eastward, Assam has been granted an eye-watering Rs. 3371.18 crore for the sprucing up of the Silchar – Churaibari Corridor. This funding bonanza will transform a total of 58.06 km of NH-37 & 8 into a 4-lane wonder, redefining the way India hits the road. These upgrades promise not just smoother rides but a boost to the regional economy, knitting closer ties with neighboring states and even Bangladesh, thanks to enhanced international connectivity.

So, as Nitin Gadkari scripts his magnum opus in concrete and tar, Goa and Assam stand on the brink of an infrastructure renaissance. The roads are not just getting wider; they’re paving the way to prosperity, connectivity, and countless road trips that won’t end with a visit to the mechanic. Fasten your seatbelts, folks—it’s going to be a smooth ride ahead!

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