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Underdogs on Screen: Lancia’s Legendary Rally Victory Races into Italian Cinemas

Italy is all revved up as the much-anticipated film “Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia” makes its grand entrance into Italian theaters, starting March 14. Following its successful screenings in the United States, Canada, and France, Italian audiences will finally get the chance to witness the cinematic retelling of one of motorsport’s most exhilarating underdog stories.

“Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia” chronicles the astonishing triumph of the Lancia Rally 037, a rear-wheel-drive marvel that defied the odds by clinching the 1983 World Rally Championship title. This victory was not just any win; it was a David vs. Goliath feat against the more technologically advanced all-wheel-drive competitors. Spearheaded by the strategic genius of Cesare Fiorio and the driving prowess of Walter Röhrl, Team Lancia’s journey to victory marked the beginning of a golden era for the Lancia brand, a name synonymous with rally racing success.

Luca Napolitano, the CEO of Lancia, expressed his pride in the film’s celebration of Lancia’s historic win, a story that has captured the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts worldwide and solidified Lancia’s place in rally racing history. Cesare Fiorio, the mastermind behind Lancia’s rally success, shared his excitement about commemorating the achievements of the Squadra Corse Lancia, a testament to the enduring legacy of teamwork, passion, and innovation that propelled Lancia to the pinnacle of motorsport glory.

The star-studded cast featuring Riccardo Scamarcio, Volker Bruch, and Daniel Brühl brings this epic saga to life, under the direction of Stefano Mordini. With scenes shot in iconic locations around Turin – the cradle of the Lancia brand – the film offers a visually stunning homage to the car that became a rallying legend.

The Lancia Rally 037, known affectionately as “037”, is celebrated not just for its historic victory but also for its innovative design and sportsmanship. Born from the Beta Montecarlo and brought to life with a minimalist yet assertive style, the 037 remains a symbol of Lancia’s racing DNA and its legacy of overcoming the insurmountable.

As “Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia” rolls into Italian theaters, it not only celebrates a pivotal moment in sports history but also reignites the passion for rally racing among a new generation of fans. It’s a heart-pumping tribute to the car, the team, and the spirit that drove a small Italian brand to outpace the giants of the racing world.

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