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Ferrari eliminates pay gap between men & women at global level

Maranello, 11 December 2023 – Ferrari has obtained the Equal-Salary Certification for equal pay between genders at a global level.

The recognition, awarded by the Swiss foundation of the same name, is proof of the Company’s ongoing commitment to ensuring a fair and inclusive workplace that values diversity.

The certification process involved an analysis of pay levels, with the results showing that Ferrari is the first luxury group to have eliminated the pay gap between men and women at a global level.

Equal opportunities for professional development are another key aspect of the certification, which is based on a study of the policies for managing personnel and the perception of inclusivity within the Group.

Michele Antoniazzi, Chief Human Resources Officer at Ferrari, commented: “After obtaining the first Equal-Salary Certification for Italy in 2020, we have continued our commitment to gender equality. The global certification attained today establishes the primacy of merit, a fundamental lever for attracting the best people and achieving the level of excellence that must be associated with the Ferrari of today and of the future.”

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