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Aston Martin’s Speed Demon Dons the Safety Vest: The Quickest Vantage Ever to Police F1 Races

5 March 2024, Gaydon, UK – In a move that’s set the Formula 1 tracks ablaze, Aston Martin has unleashed its quickest Vantage to date, not to compete, but to keep the racing titans in line as the new Official FIA Safety Car of Formula 1 in 2024. This turbocharged guardian angel made its adrenaline-pumping debut at the Formula 1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2024, ensuring safety has never been more electrifying.

The latest Aston Martin Vantage, unveiled just three tantalizing weeks ago alongside its brethren – the Vantage GT3 racer and the AMR24 F1 challenger – has now ascended to a role of paramount importance on the F1 circuits around the globe. It’s not just any car that gets to lead the F1 pack; it’s a privilege reserved for the one that promises unmatched speed and reliability, and the new Vantage has taken this responsibility with gusto.

Marco Mattiacci, Aston Martin’s Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer, couldn’t hide his excitement, stating, “Seeing the most driver-focused Vantage yet take on such a crucial role in the FIA Formula One World Championship™ is a matter of immense pride for us.” Indeed, the Vantage is not just a car; it’s the very soul of the Aston Martin brand, now tasked with ensuring the safety of the world’s most prestigious motor racing event.

Under its hood lies a beastly hand-built 4.0 Twin-Turbo V8 engine that laughs in the face of danger, boasting a 30% increase in power over its predecessor. This ensures the Vantage Safety Car is always first off the line, ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice, with no need for any engine upgrades, cooling system changes, or braking performance enhancements. It was, as they say, born for this.

Bernd Mayländer, the seasoned FIA Safety Car Driver, shared his thrill at piloting the Vantage: “Driving the newest version of this incredible lineage is a pleasure. It’s the fastest yet, and I could immediately sense the leap in handling and power.” For Mayländer, it’s about having a car that’s quick and focused, able to respond with precision and safety when the call to action comes.

The Vantage, Aston Martin’s sportiest model, underwent a rigorous transformation to become the Official FIA Safety Car of Formula 1. This included enhancements like modified underfloor aerodynamics, an extended and profiled front splitter, and a new rear wing for extra downforce, all while still sporting the iconic Aston Martin Racing Green colours.

Inside, the car is equally prepared for its high-speed oversight role, featuring Pole Position Seats, a bespoke centre console with all the necessary FIA systems, live lap time displays, track positioning for all cars, and a rear-view camera. It’s a setup that ensures the driver and passenger are not just secure, but also in full control, all while wrapped in a unique Lime Essence trim, a nod to Aston Martin’s racing heritage.

Roberto Fedeli, Group Chief Technology Officer of Aston Martin, summed it up: “Turning this car into an Official FIA Safety Car was primarily about adding all of the FIA equipment while ensuring it can still showcase our newest ultra-luxury high-performance car’s capabilities.”

As the Vantage Safety Car and its partner in safety, the DBX707 Medical Car, made their debut, it’s clear that when it comes to Formula 1, even the safety measures come with a heavy dose of thrill. After all, in the world of Formula 1, even the guardians need to have a need for speed.

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