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Toyota Takes the Wheel: Delivering a Fleet of Eco-Friendly Rides for Paris 2024’s Olympic and Paralympic Extravaganza

Paris, March 1, 2024 – In a move that could make even the Eiffel Tower light up in eco-friendly green, Toyota has officially begun rolling out its fleet of vehicles for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, putting the pedal to the metal on its promise of a more inclusive and sustainable mobility future. The grand unveiling of Toyota’s eye-catching visual identity for the Games happened with much fanfare at the fleet key handover ceremony, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Paris 2024 HQ, also known as the Pulse building.

The ceremony was nothing short of a who’s who in the world of sports and automotive innovation, featuring Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024; Yoshihiro Nakata, President & CEO of Toyota Motor Europe; Frank Marotte, CEO of Toyota France; and Didier Gambart, President of KINTO Europe, all coming together to celebrate this milestone. Toyota, the worldwide mobility partner of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, is driving full speed ahead with its commitment to turn Paris 2024 into a showcase of cutting-edge, eco-conscious mobility.

With over 2650 electrified vehicles and 700 electric solutions for those last-mile journeys, Toyota is ensuring that athletes, officials, and spectators can zip around the City of Lights with minimal environmental impact. The fleet will feature 250 Accessible People Movers (APMs), specifically redesigned for the 2024 Games, and manufactured right here in Europe, showcasing Toyota’s dedication to accessibility and sustainability.

In a palette of purpose, Toyota’s Paris 2024 fleet will sport a unique visual identity, with vehicles draped in the colors of carbon neutrality: blue for the fuel cell hydrogen vehicles, green for battery electric vehicles, and purple for hybrids and plug-ins. This color-coded approach isn’t just for show; it symbolizes Toyota’s multifaceted strategy to achieving carbon neutrality, with Jaime Noriega of Toyota Motor Europe emphasizing the vibrant connection between the Games and Toyota’s commitment to a greener planet.

Adding to the eco-friendly festivities, Paris 2024 employees have already been getting a taste of Toyota’s KINTO Share car-sharing service, making their pre-Games preparations as smooth and sustainable as a freshly paved road. And for those needing a bit more mobility support, the first units of the C+Walk S are being delivered, allowing everyone to navigate the Pulse building with ease.

In the words of Yoshihiro Nakata, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, this partnership with Paris 2024 is not just about providing vehicles; it’s about driving forward a vision for a more sustainable, inclusive future. As the Games draw closer, Toyota and Paris 2024 are gearing up to show the world that when it comes to mobility, they’re in it to win it – for the planet, the people, and the pure joy of the Games.

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