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Hyundai Introduces ‘Ioniq 5 N NPX1’ Concept with Advanced N Performance Parts in Tokyo

Seoul, January 11, 2024 – Hyundai Motor Company has made a groundbreaking entry at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 with the unveiling of their latest concept model, the ‘Ioniq 5 N NPX1’. This innovative model marks the first venture into the N Performance Parts concept based on the critically acclaimed Ioniq 5 N, a high-performance electric vehicle (EV).

The ‘NPX1’ serves as a tantalizing preview of what Hyundai’s N brand has in store for EV enthusiasts. It showcases a suite of N-specific enhancements soon to be accessible for customers. The concept model is adorned with high-end features such as a carbon front splitter, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a rear wing spoiler. Additionally, it boasts lightweight hybrid carbon wheels, high-performance brake pads, and lowering springs, all contributing to its exceptional performance and aesthetics.

Hyundai’s commitment to enhancing the EV experience is evident in the interior of the ‘NPX1’, which is lavishly outfitted with Alcantara material and racing bucket seats, offering a blend of luxury and sportiness.

The prototype N Performance Parts seen on the NPX1 are set for further development, with sales expected to commence in 2024. Hyundai’s N brand is not just stopping at the Ioniq 5 N; plans are in place to expand these high-quality tuning components across all N brand models.

Joon Park, Vice President of N Brand Management Group at Hyundai, expressed his excitement about the future. “In 2024, Hyundai Motor Company will lead the charge in the high-performance EV era with new tuning parts as demonstrated by the ‘NPX1’ concept model,” he said. Park highlighted Hyundai’s innovative approach, including the development of software customization through OTA updates, which will revolutionize EV customization and open new avenues for the tuning community.

This unveiling is a clear indicator of Hyundai’s dedication to evolving and enhancing the EV market, ensuring that performance and customization remain at the forefront of their electric offerings.

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