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Gadkari Hits the Road to Prosperity: Unveils INR 1750 Crore Highway Bonanza in Mirzapur with a Divine Touch

In an event that combined spirituality with infrastructure, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways, initiated a grand journey of development by laying the foundation stone for two colossal National Highway projects, aggregating to a whopping Rs 1750 crore, in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. The ceremony, graced by the presence of esteemed state ministers, MPs, MLAs, and officials, marked a significant milestone in the state’s progress narrative.

Mirzapur, nestled under the protective aura of Mother Vindhyavasini, holds a place of religious and natural significance. Gadkari, recognizing the district’s potential, announced the commencement of two ambitious projects aimed at redefining the region’s infrastructure landscape. The highlight includes a 15 km stretch of 4-lane Mirzapur bypass, featuring a 6-lane bridge across the Ganga river on National Highway 135A. Furthermore, extensive repair works are set to rejuvenate the 59 km stretch connecting Mirzapur to Prayagraj and further to Pratapgarh on National Highways 35 and 330.

These infrastructure marvels are not just about cement and steel; they promise to pave the way for devotees and tourists to the sacred grounds of Mirzapur, thereby invigorating tourism. The economic upliftment envisioned spans across several districts, including the pivotal regions of Prayagraj and Purvanchal, alongside Mirzapur. The construction of the 4-lane bypass over the Ganga is poised to untangle the knots of traffic congestion, ensuring smoother connectivity between Mirzapur-Ayodhya and bolstering trade corridors.

In a fusion of development and devotion, Gadkari’s road map charts a path of prosperity, where roads do more than connect destinations—they bridge aspirations with reality, and in Mirzapur’s case, weave a tapestry of growth under the blessings of Mother Vindhyavasini.

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