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Volkswagen Electrifies 2024 with ID.4: More Power, Bigger Screen, and a Full Tax Credit

Reston, VA – Volkswagen has turbocharged its electric vehicle lineup with the unveiling of the 2024 ID.4, merging decades of the brand’s hallmark features with cutting-edge EV architecture. The latest iteration sees a significant boost in both horsepower and range for its 82 kWh models, appealing to both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive enthusiasts.

The 2024 model introduces a beefier performance drive unit, pushing the rear-wheel-drive variant to 282 horsepower and the all-wheel-drive model to a robust 335 horsepower. This power uptick translates to brisker acceleration and an expanded driving range, placing the ID.4 at the forefront of the EV market.

Technology enthusiasts have more reasons to cheer with the introduction of a larger 12.9-inch infotainment display, complete with backlit sliders, exclusively for the 82 kWh models. The infotainment system is smartly complemented by the IQ.Drive advanced driver assistance technology, offering both voice and touch controls for a seamless driving experience.

Assembled with pride in Chattanooga, Tenn., the 2024 ID.4 starts at a competitive MSRP of $39,735 (INR 33 lakh). Buyers will be pleased to find the model qualifies for the full $7,500 (INR 6.21 lakh) federal tax credit, enhancing its value proposition against both electric and conventional compact SUVs.

The 2024 lineup is diverse, with three trim levels—entry, S, and S Plus—offering choices between 62 kWh or 82 kWh batteries and drive modes. Added luxury touches include ventilated front seats in S models and a premium harman/kardonTM audio system in the S Plus variants. Wheel aficionados will appreciate the upgrade options to 20-inch and 21-inch aluminum-alloy wheels for an imposing road presence.

With Volkswagen’s return to its roots through the MEB architecture, placing the primary electric motor at the rear, the ID.4 promises agile handling and near-silent operation, with a synthetic sound for pedestrian safety up to speeds of about 20 mph. Efficiency is key, with the permanent magnet synchronous motor boasting over 90 percent efficiency in most driving conditions.

Charging is versatile and fast, with options for both AC and DC fast-charging, ensuring the ID.4 meets the demands of daily commutes and long journeys alike. Owners also benefit from 500 kWh of complimentary charging at Electrify America stations, plus a three-year membership, making charging both convenient and cost-effective.

The ID.4’s design and packaging emphasize aerodynamics and interior space, with a focus on comfort and driving dynamics. Inside, the vehicle sports a modern interior, with a vast array of tech and infotainment features, including the innovative ID. Light system and wireless connectivity options.

Safety and driver assistance are paramount, with the IQ.Drive suite offering semi-automated driving capabilities, along with standard features like Park Assist and Dynamic Road Sign Display.

In conclusion, the 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 is set to electrify the roads with its blend of performance, technology, and sustainability. With its competitive pricing, comprehensive features, and eligibility for federal tax credits, the ID.4 is positioned as a compelling choice for those looking to make the switch to electric without compromising on performance or luxury.

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