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Desert Diva and Her Dynamic Dakar: Amna Al Qubaisi Conquers the Dunes in a Porsche 911

In a stunning display of desert defiance, motorsport star Amna Al Qubaisi took the reins of the all-terrain Porsche 911 Dakar, blazing a trail to the famed Liwa Tal Moreeb Festival. This isn’t your typical road trip – it’s a high-octane adventure with a twist of sand!

Al Qubaisi, a beacon of hope in the male-dominated world of racing, has already dazzled the UAE with her prowess in the F1 Academy championship. But today, she swaps the smooth tarmac for the unforgiving dunes. The 911 Dakar, a Porsche not usually synonymous with sandy escapades, boasts a ground-breaking lift system and a robust 191mm ground clearance, making it the perfect partner in crime for this daring journey.

“It’s not just a drive, it’s an exhilarating dance on the dunes,” says Al Qubaisi, as she maneuvers the 911 Dakar with the grace and precision of a seasoned pro. This thrilling ride, her first in a Porsche to Liwa, exceeded even her high expectations.

The story takes a nostalgic turn with the Al Qubaisi-Porsche connection stretching back to her father’s racing days. Today, she’s not just continuing the legacy but revving it up a notch, inspiring a new generation to embrace the thrill of the race.

As Al Qubaisi arrives at the Liwa Tal Moreeb Festival, beneath the shadow of the colossal Moreeb Dune, the 911 Dakar is no less a spectacle than the festival’s array of high-octane events. This festival is more than just races; it’s a cultural fiesta, boasting the region’s finest cuisine and gallons of aromatic Arabic coffee.

The journey, punctuated by a warm welcome at an Emirati home, is not just a drive but a triumph, a testament to Al Qubaisi’s remarkable achievements and a symbol of changing times in the world of motorsport. As the sun sets, casting long shadows over an array of rugged vehicles, Al Qubaisi and her Porsche stand proud – a duo that seamlessly bridges tradition and modernity.

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