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Back to the Future with a Vroom: Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport Pays Homage to 1930s Racing Legend

In a delightful twist of automotive time travel, Bugatti has just unveiled its latest masterpiece, the Chiron Super Sport “Hommage T50S,” a modern tribute to the trailblazing Type 50S of the 1930s. This announcement comes as a nostalgic nod to the 1937 victory of the Type 57G Tank at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where Bugatti first made its mark in the world of racing.

The story begins with an enthusiastic customer visiting Molsheim, Bugatti’s home, and engaging in a creative tête-à-tête with lead Sur Mesure designer, Jascha Straub. The customer’s vision? A sleek, black-on-black Chiron Super Sport1, echoing the rich history of Bugatti. The Type 50S, a car that once roared on the Circuit de la Sarthe, soon captivated him.

Born from the DNA of the Type 46, the Type 50S was the zenith of Bugatti’s prowess in large-capacity engines. In an era when racing was a battle of brute force, Bugatti introduced a groundbreaking five-liter supercharged eight-cylinder engine. This powerhouse, the brand’s first with a dual overhead camshaft, churned out a hefty 250 PS.

The Type 50S wasn’t just fast; it was a symphony of luxury and style, a perfect blend of road car comfort and racing car performance. Jean Bugatti, confident in its capabilities, saw it as a potential champion at Le Mans.

1931 was the year Bugatti rolled out three Type 50S cars, each bathed in enigmatic black, a sharp departure from the typical French racing blue. This color choice was a subtle jab at the French government’s lack of sponsorship, and a symbolic ushering in of a new racing era for Bugatti.

At Le Mans, the trio showcased formidable speed, but fate played a cruel hand. One car suffered a high-speed tire failure, leading to a tragic crash. To prevent further mishaps, the remaining two, including chassis no. 50177 (the muse for the Chiron Super Sport), were withdrawn.

The customer and Jascha Straub, inspired by chassis no. 50177’s story, embarked on a journey to create the Chiron Super Sport. The car features a bold grille with a painted ‘5’ at its center, a homage to the original racer. The grille’s design caters to the aerodynamic and cooling needs of a car capable of hitting 440 km/h.

Dressed in a dark, lustrous black with a contrasting ‘5’ on either side, the Chiron Super Sport also flaunts a detailed representation of the Circuit de la Sarthe on its rear spoiler. The interior echoes the original Type 50S with aluminum flashes and a “Perlée” finish. Additionally, a Sky View glass roof offers a sense of open-air exhilaration reminiscent of the 1930s racer.

Jascha Straub and Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director of Bugatti Automobiles, expressed immense pride in this homage to the Type 50S. The Chiron Super Sport is more than a tribute; it’s a continuation of a story that began nearly a century ago.

As a special gesture, Bugatti thanked the Stiftung Nationales Automuseum – The Loh Collection in Dietzhölztal, Germany, for loaning the original Type 50S chassis 50177 for a photoshoot with its modern counterpart. This collection, which showcases 135 years of automotive history, now witnesses another chapter with the Chiron Super Sport “Hommage T50S,” a fusion of history, art, and cutting-edge technology.

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