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Volkswagen’s Voltaic Voyage: Teaming Up with Ecobat to Give EV Batteries a Second Spark of Life

In a visionary move towards sustainability, Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Ltd. (VWG UK) revs up its green credentials by partnering with Ecobat, the global frontrunner in battery resurrection, to embark on an electrifying journey of recycling electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This groundbreaking deal puts VWG UK at the forefront of the circular energy economy, ensuring that the UK’s largest automotive group is not just selling cars but also championing environmental stewardship.

Left to right: VWG’s Alasdair Cook, Sylvain Charbonnier and Vinod Shivhare with Tom Steward from Ecobat

Ecobat, VWG UK’s long-time ally since 2014, initially joined forces to recycle lead acid batteries for TPS, Volkswagen Group’s Genuine Parts provider. Fast forward to 2024, and this alliance has supercharged to include high-voltage batteries, with Ecobat’s UK Diagnostics and Disassembly Centre in Darlaston playing a pivotal role in processing thousands of batteries, giving them a new lease of life.

Under the new pact, Ecobat will deploy its ADR compliant fleet to gather EV batteries from dealers, distributors, and end-of-life recycling centers, transporting them to their newly minted UK lithium-ion recycling centre – a beacon of sustainability and Ecobat’s third such facility globally.

Sylvain Charbonnier, Director of One Aftersales for Volkswagen Group UK, expressed excitement over expanding their relationship with Ecobat. He emphasized the importance of sustainability in the lifecycle of electric vehicles as VWG UK accelerates towards its electrification objectives.

Echoing these sentiments, Elliott Ethridge, Vice President of Global Sales for Ecobat, highlighted their decade-long journey with VWG UK, expressing delight at extending their collaboration to include EV lithium-ion batteries. Ethridge emphasized Ecobat’s prowess in recycling a range of battery types and recovering scarce materials, ensuring a more sustainable future for lithium-ion battery production.

In alignment with Volkswagen AG’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and its ambitious electrification initiative, VWG UK is driving full speed ahead towards a greener future. The company aims to electrify the roads with approximately 50 fully electric models by 2030, backed by a colossal €180 billion investment in digitalization and electrification. 2023 saw VWG UK leading the charge in the UK’s passenger car BEV market, highlighting its role as an industry trailblazer.

Ecobat, with its compliance to UK battery regulations and adherence to ISO standards, is steering the wheel towards a sustainable, circular approach in battery recycling. This partnership not only empowers VWG UK to minimize waste and enhance its sustainability credentials but also ignites a spark in the automotive industry to follow suit in this eco-conscious voyage.

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