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Nissan’s Newest Speedster Hits Japan: Ariya Nismo – It’s Electric, Electrifying, and Eager to Zoom

YOKOHAMA, Japan – In a move that’s sure to spark joy among electric vehicle enthusiasts and speed demons alike, Nissan has unveiled its latest creation: the Ariya Nismo. First teased to the public in January at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, this high-octane electric vehicle (EV) is gearing up to electrify the streets of Japan starting this June.

Dubbed the flagship EV model of Nismo, Nissan’s performance tuning wizards, the Ariya Nismo takes the already impressive standard Ariya e-4orce and turbocharges it with enhanced speed, comfort, and razor-sharp handling. It’s like they took an electric beast and gave it a double espresso.

Eager buyers will have the choice between two models of the Ariya Nismo – the B6 e-4orce for those who like their rides punchy, and the B9 e-4orce for those who prefer their drives with a side of thunder. The B6 model comes with a 66 kWh battery that kicks out 270 kW of power and 560 Nm of torque, enough to make your hair stand on end. Meanwhile, the B9 model is the big sibling with a 91 kWh battery, ramping up the thrill with 320 kW of power and 600 Nm of torque, making it a veritable lightning bolt on wheels. And with Nismo’s special tuning, this acceleration feels as smooth as butter – albeit butter that’s been shot out of a cannon.

But it’s not all about raw power. The Ariya Nismo also boasts a suite of premium components, including brake pads that could stop a stampede and aluminum wheels designed for the ultimate balance of aerodynamics and cornering capability. It’s as if Nissan’s engineers were on a mission to defy physics.

The car’s chassis has received a significant upgrade as well, fine-tuning the front and rear suspension for peak performance that’s sure to make every turn a thrill. And with the Nismo-tuned e-4orce providing exceptional traction, drivers can enjoy sportscar-like handling in any weather – because who says you can’t have fun in the rain?

Visually, the Ariya Nismo strikes an imposing figure, merging the Ariya’s sleek design with Nismo’s aggressive aerodynamic touches. From exclusive bumpers to rear spoilers that would make a fighter jet jealous, this car is as much a style statement as it is a performance beast.

Inside, the Ariya Nismo continues to impress with a sporty and high-quality interior, featuring Nismo seats that hug you tighter than your grandmother at Christmas. And for those who crave the sound of power, activating Nismo mode unleashes an auditory experience reminiscent of Formula E racing, thanks to the Nismo-exclusive Bose Premium Sound System*.

Available in six striking colors, including the exclusive Nismo Stealth Gray with a blacked-out roof, the Ariya Nismo is not just a car; it’s a statement. With the B6 e-4orce priced at 8,429,300 yen and the B9 e-4orce at 9,441,300 yen (INR 52.13 lakh), it’s an invitation to join the electric revolution in style and speed.

As Nissan announces the resumption of orders for various Ariya models, the Ariya Nismo stands out as the crown jewel, ready to take Japan by storm. It’s not just an electric vehicle; it’s Nissan’s promise of an electrifying future, and it’s here to stay. So, buckle up, Japan. The future is fast, and it’s absolutely electric!

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