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Vroom Meets Vogue: Ford Revs Up the Fashion World with Cold Culture Collaboration

In an unexpected yet stylish merger, Ford, the renowned automaker, is now blazing a trail on the fashion runway, teaming up with Spanish clothing sensation Cold Culture. The “Cold Culture x Ford” collection is a high-octane fusion of motor engines’ roar and the swagger of streetwear. This fashion line is revving up to offer apparel that embodies the thrill of speed and the essence of open-road freedom.

The creative brains behind Cold Culture, Martina Merry and Andrés Varela, have drawn inspiration from the exhilarating world of motorsports. Elements like racetrack curves and wheel designs have been seamlessly integrated into fashion-forward pieces. Highlights include the Ford Trench Jacket and the Ford High Neck Zip, featuring an innovative metallic fabric.

This adrenaline-pumping 18-piece collection is already making waves and can be snagged at Cold Culture’s website.

Jesús Alonso, the President and CEO of Ford Iberia, shared his excitement about this unique partnership. “This isn’t just a brand collaboration; it’s a fusion of shared values in pursuit of excellence and innovation,” he commented. The collection is a nod to the thrilling intersection of motoring and modern street fashion.

The journey of Cold Culture’s founders, Merry and Varela, is a tale of early entrepreneurship blossoming into a fashion empire. Diving into the business world at the tender ages of 15 and 20, they sowed the seeds of their dream. United by their love for music, travel, and urban aesthetics, their brand has become a leading light in the national streetwear scene. From their website to their flagship store at C/ de Colón, 4 in Madrid, Cold Culture is making a bold statement in fashion, and with Ford by their side, they’re shifting gears into a whole new realm of style.

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