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Gadkari’s Grand Road Plan: From Temple Trails to Mountain Trails, It’s Paving Time

In a move that seems to echo the mantra ‘Why drive on land when you can soar?’, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has pulled out all the stops. In a series of social media revelations, the Minister detailed a whopping sum of Rs. 936.26 crore dedicated to literally elevating the driving experience in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, with a 10 km long, 4-lane corridor in the skies. This elevated passageway spanning the Kalimandir-Dimna Chowk-Baliguma section of National Highway-33 (now proudly wearing the title New-18) aims to unsnarl the knotty traffic of Jamshedpur, promising safety and fluidity where once chaos reigned.

But why stop at Jharkhand? Gadkari’s generosity spilled over to Tamil Nadu with a lavish Rs. 2281.10 crore poured into widening and strengthening National Highways. Among the lucky recipients is the Thiruvallur to Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh border section of NH-716, soon to be a 4-lane marvel, promising pilgrims a smoother journey to sacred sites. Meanwhile, the Thoppur Ghat Section is set to see a Rs. 905.00 crore makeover, transforming treacherous curves into safer paths, aiming to reduce the heart-thumping adventure into a serene drive.

Not leaving the scenic vistas of Jammu & Kashmir untouched, Gadkari sanctioned Rs. 2093.92 crore for various projects, including a picturesque ropeway from SDA Parking to Shankaracharya Temple. This aerial ride promises a bird’s eye view of Srinagar and a swift, 5-minute ascent to the temple, significantly down from the 30-minute trek. It’s a boon for those less able-bodied, ensuring no one misses out on the divine view.

Furthermore, the Nashri-Chenani stretch of NH-244 is on the roster for an uplift, with Rs. 562.40 crore aimed at enhancing access to Patnitop, a tourism jewel. Through these ventures, Gadkari seems set on transforming the roads (and skies) of India into smoother, safer, and scenic avenues of travel.

In essence, Gadkari’s recent spree of infrastructure investments can be summed up as a determined stride towards not just paving paths but creating journeys worth remembering. With an eye for both practicality and the picturesque, it appears that India’s roadways and ropeways are set for a transformation that might just make the commute the best part of the trip.

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