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Omega Seiki and Kissan Mobility Join Forces for 500 Eco-Friendly 3 Wheeler Deliveries

New Delhi, 16th Jan. 2024 – In a move electrifying the logistics industry, Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) and Kissan Mobility Pvt. Ltd., known for zero-emission logistics solutions, have struck a INR 20 Crore deal to deploy 500 Electric Three Wheeler Cargo Vehicles across India. This groundbreaking initiative, to be completed by June 2024, marks a significant stride towards greener last-mile deliveries in the bustling lanes of Indian cities.

The partnership rides on the back of increasing environmental consciousness and favorable governmental policies, providing a much-needed boost to the adoption of electric three-wheelers in the logistics domain. These silent cargo carriers are not just about reducing carbon footprints; they also signify a leap towards cutting operational costs and mitigating urban noise and air pollution. With the latest in battery technology, these electric chariots are set to revolutionize sustainable urban logistics.

OSM’s Founder and Chairman, Mr. Uday Narang, shares his excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the shared vision of a sustainable future. “We’re not just deploying vehicles; we’re driving change,” says Narang. This venture aligns OSM’s innovative electric vehicles with Kissan Mobility’s commitment to zero-emission logistics, setting a new benchmark in eco-friendly transportation.

Meanwhile, Kissan Mobility’s CEO, Mr. Kamlesh Kaushik, views this as just the beginning. With an ambitious plan to roll out 2,500 three-wheelers and an equal number of four-wheelers by March 2025, Kaushik envisions a transformed logistic landscape, echoing a greener tomorrow.

Kissan Mobility, already a prominent player in urban logistics with a fleet of over 150 electric vehicles, aims to expand its eco-friendly footprint beyond its current operations in Delhi/NCR, Chandigarh, and Jaipur. In contrast, OSM’s rapid growth in its product line and manufacturing presence underscores its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. Running fleets in 24 cities and achieving over 15 lakh Kms per month, OSM is not just a vehicle manufacturer but a catalyst for clean and congestion-free mobility.

This electrifying alliance between Omega Seiki Mobility and Kissan Mobility is not just about business; it’s a testament to their shared ethos of sustainable innovation and a cleaner, greener future. As these electric trios take to the streets, they herald a new era in logistics, proving that when it comes to the environment, three wheels are better than none!

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