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Charge It Up, Mercedes-Style! Introducing the Swanky New ‘Anywhere-You-Go’ Electric Charger

In an electrifying turn of events, Mercedes-Benz unveils its latest tech marvel – the Flexible Charging System Pro – a charger that promises to juice up your ride wherever you roam. With a tagline that could well be “Have Watts, Will Travel,” this nifty gadget is making waves in the world of electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Boasting a robust 22 kW of charging prowess, this gizmo is no slouch when it comes to powering up your vehicle. Whether you’re nestled at home, grinding away at the office, or sipping cocktails on a beach holiday, the Flexible Charging System Pro is your trusty sidekick. Think of it as your personal ‘transportable wallbox,’ always ready to deliver a power-packed performance.

What sets this charger apart is its chameleon-like ability to adapt to different power sources. It’s equipped with self-detecting adapters that can effortlessly switch between household sockets, three-phase plugs, or public charging stations. This means you’re not left stranded, regardless of where you are in Europe.

But wait, there’s more – the real magic happens in the palm of your hand. Via a sleek app, you can play maestro to the entire charging process, accessing real-time info on every aspect of the charge. Imagine being able to monitor your car’s power boost while lounging on your sofa!

Safety, a hallmark of Mercedes-Benz, is front and center in this device. It doesn’t just charge your car; it does so with an eagle eye for safety, automatically adjusting the charging power and keeping an eye on temperature and other vital parameters. Plus, it’s as sturdy as they come – leak-proof, waterproof, and can even take a brief dip underwater without batting an eyelid.

Compatibility? Check. The Flexible Charging System Pro plays nice with all vehicles sporting a type 2 plug. And for those who want to max out on charging capacity, just ensure your car has the right on-board charger, and you’re golden.

The tech doesn’t stop there. The Mercedes-Benz Charger App is like having a mini control room in your pocket. Set energy targets, adjust costs, or simply revel in the detailed documentation of your charging history. And with over-the-air updates via WLAN, you’re always in sync with the latest tech.

To top it off, this powerhouse comes in a stylish Mercedes-Benz bag, keeping all components neatly organized. Weighing in at about five kilograms, it’s your go-to companion for any charging adventure.

The Flexible Charging System Pro is currently strutting its stuff in the EU, UK, and Switzerland, with plans to charm other countries soon. In the world of electric mobility, it seems Mercedes-Benz is not just flexing its muscles – it’s flexing its watts!

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