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Vietjet’s Big Bird Order: 20 Airbus A330neo Widebodies to Take Flight!

Singapore, 22 February 2024 – Vietjet Air, known for its flair in the skies, has decided to spread its wings even wider. In a move that might have some scratching their heads and others reaching for their passports, Vietjet Air has inked a deal with Airbus for a purchase that’s anything but small – 20 A330-900 widebodies.

This marks a milestone for Vietjet, as it’s their first foray into the world of widebody aircraft. The plan? These beauties will grace Vietjet’s expanding long-range network, whisking passengers to exotic locales while also tackling high-capacity regional routes. And what’s in store for the older fleet? Well, those leased A330-300s are about to get the boot as Vietjet welcomes its shiny new arrivals.

Dinh Viet Phuong, the Chief Executive Officer of Vietjet, couldn’t contain his excitement. “The new A330neo aircraft is a strategic addition to comprehensively modernise Vietjet’s fleet,” he declared. “With the introduction of the A330neo, passengers can look forward to longer-range, well-equipped flights with excellent services at more competitive fares.”

But let’s not forget the environmental angle. Vietjet is eyeing net-zero emissions by 2050, and these new additions align perfectly with their sustainable goals. It’s like buying a Prius, only bigger and with wings.

Christian Scherer, CEO of the Commercial Aircraft business of Airbus, chimed in, noting how the A330neo will help Vietjet keep their operating costs low while soaring to new heights.

But what can passengers expect inside these flying behemoths? Well, the A330neo boasts the Airspace cabin, an award-winning design that promises a passenger experience like no other. Picture more space, fancier lighting, and entertainment options that’ll make you forget you’re 30,000 feet in the air.

And let’s not forget the engines – powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 7000s, these birds can fly non-stop for over 7,000 nautical miles. That’s a lot of in-flight movies.

So buckle up, folks. Vietjet’s fleet just got a whole lot bigger, and the skies are about to get a whole lot exciting.

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