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BMW and LEGO Shift Gears into Childhood Dreams with Miniature Racing Legends

Munich Madness: Toy Cars That Could Just Win Le Mans in Your Living Room

MUNICH – In a high-octane blend of childhood nostalgia and racing thrills, BMW M Motorsport and the legendary toymaker LEGO have turbocharged the toy aisle with a new Speed Champions set, unleashing the miniature might of racing prowess onto enthusiasts of all ages. As the racing season revs up, this dynamic duo has crafted a 676-piece challenge that not only promises to put the vroom in your room but might just be the ticket to winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans – if you’re racing on your carpet, that is.

In a playful pit stop, the set introduces two titans of the track: the BMW M Hybrid V8 and the BMW M4 GT3. These aren’t your garden-variety toy cars; they’re meticulously miniaturized beasts equipped with all the authentic trappings of their full-sized counterparts. From the iconic BMW M Motorsport livery to the aerodynamic spoilers that scream speed, these LEGO creations are a nod to the engineering marvels racing at events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans on 15/16 June 2024.

But why should kids have all the fun? BMW and LEGO know that racing enthusiasts come in all sizes. These models are designed to ignite the imaginations of fans aged nine to ninety-nine, providing a build-and-play experience that transcends generations. The detachable roofs make way for the included racing driver figures, ensuring that the spirit of competition is alive and well, whether you’re displaying these masterpieces or hosting your own grand prix in the hallway.

“Driven to Delight: The Ultimate Race from Showroom to Showpiece” – these LEGO sets are more than just toys; they are a homage to the legacy of BMW M Motorsport and the magic of motoring. Priced at a cool €49.99 (INR 4,494), the BMW M Hybrid V8 and BMW M4 GT3 set is racing off shelves from 4 March 2024, available at European Union and UK BMW dealers and on the BMW online lifestyle shop, as well as from LEGO directly.

As BMW M Motorsport gears up for a triumphant return to the world stage, the BMW M Hybrid V8 prepares to electrify the track, marking a new chapter in BMW’s prototype racing saga, 25 years after their historic Le Mans victory. Meanwhile, the BMW M4 GT3 is set to make its mark in the FIA World Endurance Championship races, proving that whether it’s in the world of high-speed racing or the realm of high-imagination building, BMW and LEGO are a championship-winning team.

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