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Revving Up Recognition: Alan Mann Racing Zooms into History with Spirit of Ford Award

MELBOURNE, Fl., Jan. 24, 2024 – In a thrilling turn of events that had Mustang fans revving with excitement, Alan Mann Racing was honored with the prestigious Spirit of Ford Award, marking them as the 28th recipient of this high-octane accolade. The award was presented at a special Mustang celebration event at the American Muscle Car Museum, where the atmosphere was as electric as a drag race finale.

The Mann brothers, Henry and Tom, accepted the award, given for lifetime achievement and contribution to the auto racing industry. The ceremony, charged with nostalgia, took place in front of a 1966 Alan Mann GT40, a vehicle as iconic as the Mann legacy itself.

Jim Farley, CEO of Ford Motor Company, praised the Mann family for their groundbreaking achievements. “From the moment the Mustang roared onto the track in 1964, Alan Mann Racing has been in the driver’s seat of Ford Performance,” Farley said. “Their ambition and ingenuity on and off the track have been a turbo boost to our brand, especially as we gear up for an ambitious global Mustang racing campaign.”

Edsel B. Ford II, handing over the award, highlighted the Mann’s contributions spanning from the 1960s, including triumphs in the Monte Carlo Rally, the Le Mans with GT40, and the European Touring Car Championship. “As we unleash the latest Mustang generation, it’s fitting that Alan Mann Racing, the team that first brought Mustang racing victory, receives this honor,” Ford remarked.

Established in 1964, Alan Mann Racing quickly became a powerhouse in motorsport, associated with Ford’s legendary victories. The company, now led by Alan’s sons, continues to be a dominant force in historic racing, their iconic red and gold livery a testament to their enduring legacy. In homage to their success, the 2022 Ford GT featured an Alan Mann Heritage Edition.

Henry Mann, overwhelmed with gratitude, stated, “Receiving this award is a tribute not only to our team’s dedication but also to my father’s vision. Our journey with Ford, spanning six decades, is a testament to a partnership built on speed, innovation, and a shared passion for excellence.”

As Alan Mann Racing accelerates into the future, this accolade serves as a reminder of their indelible mark on the world of racing and their enduring partnership with Ford, proving that some legacies, much like their cars, are built to last.

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