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Watch Heart warming father and son film by BMW

  • Emotional storytelling on BMW’s social media channels
  • A drive in the all-electric BMW i4 becomes a journey through the past and present
  • The message: driving pleasure never ends – and brings generations together

Munich. As in the past and present, so doubtless in the future too: a driver’s licence represents far more than just permission to take a car for a spin out on the road. Indeed, it is the key to myriad experiences, memories and character-forming moments. And even when the day inevitably comes that you can no longer responsibly pilot a vehicle on a public highway and take the decision to give up your licence, one thing will live on: the joy of driving that unites the generations. This is the message behind a short film that will touch the soul..

Celebrating its premiere today on BMW’s social media channels under the banner “Freude forever”, the film shows in heart-warming scenes how the shared experience of personal mobility can become a formative part of a family’s history. Authentic storytelling and relatable characters take centre stage. The film tells the story of 85-year-old Robert, who realises it is time to hang up his driving gloves from good. The emotions this stirs are felt not only by him but also by his son Christopher, who goes with him to hand in his license at the relevant offices. The drive back in Christopher’s all-electric BMW i4 turns into a journey through the past and the present – and a very special experience full of happy memories together.

Treading the line between deep sadness and pure joy.

The setting for the opening scene of the 90-second festive film is austere, to say the least: a cold, grey waiting room, the monotonous ticking of a wall clock. Only a Christmas tree in the background attempts to add a little warmth. The dejected look on Robert’s face tells you that the time has come. Christopher tries in vain to cheer him up (“It’s only a piece of a plastic, you know…”). But for Robert, the piece of plastic he’s handing over at the counter is an expression of freedom and the pure joy of driving. The mood in the car on the way home is suitably melancholic – until Christopher suddenly turns off the road.

The two men draw up at the gates of a location at first unknown. On Christopher’s signal, a security guard opens the barrier. It turns out they are now in their company’s car park. Robert immediately recalls the place he taught his son to drive almost 40 years ago. And in a reversal of roles, Christopher invites his father to take the wheel of his BMW one final time.

Now there’s a flashback to the 1980s, Robert swapping places with Christopher so his then 18-year-old son can take the controls of his BMW 3 Series. Back in the here and now, as Robert presses down on the accelerator of the BMW i4 and the all-electric gran coupé whirs dynamically into action, the past and present merge into a visually stunning spectacle. Robert’s joyful memories of car journeys with his son play out in his mind’s eye: the young Christopher fast asleep on night-time trips, unforgettable family holidays, all those miles around the country to cheer on his sporting exploits, collecting him from parties, driving him to his first date. In a dramatic climax, Robert brings the car to a halt and pauses for a moment: now he’s ready to vacate the driver’s seat for good. After all, the feeling of joy will endure forever.

Festive clip from BMW premieres on social media.

The idea for this engrossing film came from creative/advertising agency Jung von Matt for THE GAME. Produced in collaboration with BMW Marketing, the film lasts around 90 seconds and will be available to view across the BMW brand’s social media channels – on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. In addition to the main feature, a 30-second montage and a 15-second teaser will also be released to cover all the content types required by the relevant social media channels.

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