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Mexico City Advances Towards Sustainable Public Transport with Delivery of BYD Electric Buses

Mexico City, Mexico – In a significant move towards sustainable urban mobility, BYD Mexico has recently completed the delivery of the first set of 20 electric buses to the Mexico City Metrobús. This delivery is part of a larger agreement encompassing a total of 55 pure electric buses, constituting the most extensive single shipment of electric buses in Mexico to date. The handover ceremony was attended by notable figures including Dr. Martí Batres Guadarrama, Mexico City’s Head of Government; Andrés Lajous Loeza, Secretary of Mobility; Rosario Castro Escorcia, General Director of the Mexico City Metrobús; and Ray Zou, Country Manager of BYD Mexico, among others.

These state-of-the-art electric buses will be deployed on Mexico City’s Line 4, a critical artery spanning 35 kilometers and featuring 40 stations. This line serves approximately 120,000 passengers daily, playing a vital role in the city’s public transportation network. The introduction of these 55 BYD electric buses is expected to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions – by an estimated 5,845 tons annually – compared to traditional fuel vehicles, thereby markedly improving the city’s air quality.

The 15-meter-long BYD electric buses are designed with a low floor for easy boarding and alighting. They boast a maximum capacity of 130 passengers, a range of 200 kilometers, a battery capacity of 300 kWh, and an impressively short charging time of around three hours. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these buses operate quietly, contributing to the reduction of noise pollution in the city. Notably, these buses are equipped with barrier-free facilities and lowered suspension heights to cater to passengers with disabilities, ensuring a comfortable and accessible travel experience for all.

Rosario Castro Escorcia, General Director of the Mexico City Metrobús, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “Adopting zero-emission, sustainable solutions for transportation is critical for our city. Since 2018, we have been actively reforming our transportation technology, and our collaboration with BYD marks a significant leap in the electrification of Mexico’s public transport system.”

This groundbreaking initiative not only signals Mexico City’s commitment to green transportation but also sets a precedent for other cities in Mexico and Latin America to follow suit in the transition towards cleaner, more sustainable public transport solutions.

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